Our Works

Policy Advocacy & Networks Development

Department of Advocacy & Networks Development empowering the organizational struggle for Agrarian Reform throughout the works of:

  1. Advocating the transforming of policy toward various rules and laws that are conflicting with the principles of genuine agrarian reform;
  2. Controlling and safeguarding the constitutional application of laws that possesses function of agrarian justice or that doesn’t conflicting with the principles of genuine agrarian reform.
  3. Compiling policy & positional papers towards agrarian-related constitutional rule of laws by integrating a gender-fair perspective as guidelines for organization & public in general.;
  4. Utilizing political momentum available policy opportunities, such as land redistribution program while adhering to the basic principles of the organization;
  5. Developing plans and strategies to ensure the protection of constitutional rights of peasants, laborers, indigenous people, fishermen, women and the underprivileged on earth (land), water and natural wealth.
  6. Encouraging regulations that protect local varieties and seeds and local food products;
  7. Preparing the operationalization of the Government Work Plan (RKP) in the future which is oriented to the interests of KPA members and oversees the implementation process;
  8. The advocacy process must be synergistic and aligned from the village to the national level
  9. Establishing and guiding the networks with governmental institutions and civil society organizations also another public sector organization.
  10. Strengthening the women empowerment movements towards land rights by expanding the networks with various female movements.
  11. Executing comprehensive studies to safeguard agrarian reform, mainly whose bases are within cultural villages/coastal villages/urban areas along with related organizations


National Secretariat KPA:

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