Our Works

Campaign and Knowledge Management

  1. Ensuring that production processes with the spreading of agrarian knowledge, documentation of knowledge wealth also organizational, library, communication media (website, social media etc) data and mobile publishing along with the requirements of KPA Members;
  2. Producing books, bulletins, documentary movies, radio & TV shows also events made to promote the spreading of information, public education, gaining political support to funding for the organization;
  3. Establishing beneficial cooperation and accomplishing professional works to gain organizational funding;
  4. Creating a database for agrarian conflict cases called KPA Agrarian Information System and released it within various forms of campaign media on a regular basis;
  5. Organizing a biweekly discussion on KPA-related to contemporary issues and relevant to the struggle for agrarian reform;
  6. KPA Media Center is responsible for all press releases & issue statements broadcasted by KPA on behalf of the organization (KPA Secretary General) or on behalf of joint alliances which were previously agreed upon;
  7. KPA Media Center are opening internships to all volunteers to build and support the works of media center;
  8. Publishing handbooks or manuals for People’s Organizations and agrarian activists to assist in organizational works and agrarian conflict consolidations;
  9. Documenting data from various sources relevant to agrarian reform topic to strengthen policy advocacy.


National Secretariat KPA:

Jl. Pancoran Indah I Blok E3 No.1
Komplek Liga Mas Indah, Pancoran
Jakarta Selatan 12760, Indonesia
Telp: +62 21 7984540 Fax: +62 21 7993934