Our Works

Organizational Strengthening

  1. Developing agrarian educations, trainings or courses for people’s organization and communities within the bases of KPA Members.
  2. KPA Services, especially educating and handling of cases on regional & national levels are oriented on the organizational transformation from a “case-based organization” to a broader “people movement organization”.
  3. The strengthening of people’s organization is voiced to the establishment of an Advanced Village of Agrarian Reform (DAMARA) regionally also to support and nationally expand the struggle of agrarian reform.
  4. Sustainable development of educational modules and curricula to increase the capacity of the people’s organizations (peasants, indigenous people, fishermen, urban underprivileged and women).
  5. Enhancing the strategy of agrarian reform movements for the KPA Members through education and training.
  6. Strengthening the people’s organization by revitalization of KPA Members.
  7. National Secretariat and Regional KPA encouraging the role and function of NGO Members of KPA in the national and regional levels to support the strengthening process and development of KPA organization, whether in promoting the fight for agrarian reform or enhancing the capacity of people’s organization in respective regions.

Strengthening the political position and role of Regional KPA in provincial, regency until rural levels.

National Secretariat KPA:

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