KPA Uncovered Corruption in Agrarian and Natural Resources Sector

KPA/Jakarta: In order to save natural resources, Corruption Erradication Commission initiate a Memorandum of Understanding on National Movement of Natural Resources Rescue. It was signed on March 19, 2014 by several state institutions and all ministries of marine, mining, forestry, and plantation sectors. The MoU stated on commitment to implement 58 programs of action plan.

In responding the plan to implement the national movement, Consortium for Agrarian Reform (KPA) as one of civil society organization, that have been working on agrarian issues, together with Commission for Missing Person and Victims of Violence (KONTRAS) and AURIGA Nusantara held a Public Discussion on “The Future of Corruption Eradication in Agrarian dan Natural Resources Sector” at Andalas University, Padang on April 16, 2015.

There were four source persons in the discussion: Iwan Nurdin from KPA, Yati Andriani from KONTRAS, Timer Manurung from AURIGA Nusantara, and Prof. Dr. Afrizal as conflict experts from Andalas University. The discussion was attended by various circle, such as academician, NGO/civil organizations, pers, and students.

The discussion spotted the easiness in acquiring license (in mining and plantation) by both state companies (BUMN) and privates. It indicates corruption in authoritative institutions that issue licenses. The licenses would certainly make conflict arise with local communities. There area so many cases of overlapping ownership, eviction, environment destruction, criminalization, and other actions that harm the communities.
Iwan Nurdin said, “Our legal politic is still pro capitalists, and there are regulations overlapping caused by unsynchronized higher-lower regulations and disharmony parallel regulations. As the consequences, various ministries and institutions, which have authorities in governing natural resources, work without coordination and ended issuing overlapping policies on a location. It is also worsen by our bureaucratic apparatus who mostly are economic rent minded.”

The discussion ended with an expectation of cooperation from everyone in monitoring any license which will or have already issued to minimized future conflicts. (AMP)

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