Public Discussion: Plus-Minus of Jokowi-JK Land Distribution

KPA/Jakarta: In order to respond Jokowi-JK plan who will implement land distribution then Consortium for Agrarian Reform (KPA) and Bina Desa had a public discussion to respond governmental plan.

The schedule was held at Oria Hotel on April 1, 2015, attended by civil society organizations such as Indonesian Peasants Alliance (API), WALHI, Tuk Indonesia, Sawit Watch, students and also government representatives from Ministry of Law and Human Rights.
Other than responding Jokowi-JK plan in implementing 9 million hectares of land redistribution, the schedule was also aimed to give some recommendation to government in strengthening people governance toward agrarian resources through genuine agrarian reform. Attended the schedule as speakers were Gunawan Wiradi, an Agrarian Expert Council member of KPA, Budiman Sudjatmiko from Indonesian Parliament, and Iwan Nurdin, the General Secretary of KPA.

According to Gunawan Wiradi, who has been working for 40 years in encouraging agrarian reform, “Genuine agrarian reform will not be implemented in Jokowi era”. The cause is inside Jokowi circle there are so many people who are anti agrarian reform.

Iwan Nurdin said that Jokowi plans in implementing land distribution have so many flaws. Two things among them, first, the plan does not rearrange land control, instead opening new land which will expand the gap. Second, it will implement transmigration as land distribution program, and it will surely repeat the New Order mistakes.

Budiman also said that Indonesian agricultural technology does not experience any progress. Rural peasants are still using simple equipment therefore they have difficulties in improving their production quality and quantity. (AGP)

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