KPA Urged Indonesian Police Force to Be Neutral in Agrarian Conflicts

KPA/Jakarta: Law and Human Rights violence sources from natural resources management was discussed at Indonesian Police Headquarter. The Deputy, Police General Badrodin Haiti, along with his ranks BARHAKAM, DIVHUM, ITWASUM and BARESKRIM welcomed civil society coalition representatives on April 10, 2015, at the headquarter. There were KONTRAS, WALHI, KPA and victims of land eviction by Pati cement plant, Rembang District, Central Java. Some agrarian conflicts issues discussed there were murder case of Indra Pelani, a who was a Jambi peasant, and Takalar peasants, who have been evicted by PTPN XIV and Regional Police Mobile Brigade of West South Sulawesi.

Police General Badrodin Haiti asked the people representatives, such as KONTRAS, WALHI and KPA to work together with the police to find the best solution concerning agrarian conflicts. Basically, police force works accordingly to the law and does not entirely mistaken in the context of implementing field tasks. Therefore, it needs partner in handling and guarding public order. Concerning people’s report on agrarian conflicts, Indonesian Police gives its commitment to find justice solution which is in adjacent to law regulations on agrarian resources and avoid confrontation with people.

General Secretary of KPA, Iwan Nurdin, asked the Police to enforce justice law and has neutral position in resolving agrarian conflicts. The police should see that agrarian conflicts does not based only on applicable positive law, but also put forward mediation pattern and set aside repressive actions. Police should be mediator in field and not as protector of capital owners and evicting people from their land. (AS)

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