A Consolidation for Following-Up the Homicide of Tebo Peasant Union Member – Justice for Indra Pelani


KPA/Jakarta: In order to respond to the homicidal case of a member of Tebo Peasant Union (STT), Indra Pelani (21), on February 27, 2015, a number of institutions, which were a team of WALHI Jambi, API, TuK Indonesia, ELSAM, Sawit Watch, and KONTRAS gathered at the

National Secretariate of Consortium for Agrarian Reform on March 5, 2015 to discuss whatever to do to respond to the incident.

The meeting was held to watch out for the progress of this homicide case because there was public opinion spreading which said that the incident was only a common criminal case caused by misunderstanding. It was also held to respond the statement of PT Wira Karya Sakti which denied and took its hands off its involvement in its security staff ganged up on Indra Pelani, that ended his life. The witness of WALHI member, who presented in the incident, and facts found on location strengthen indication that the homicide has been planned.

It formerly has reported officially by an alliance of KPA, API, BINDES, IHCS, FPPI and other civil society groups to the National Commission of Human Rights (Komnas HAM), Jambi Regional Police, Headquarter of Indonesian Police and unofficial report to the Third Commission of Indonesian Parliament. However, to ensure legal process of the incident handled seriously and justify by authorized officials and also to keep the citizens in peace, a number of the attended institutions in the previous explained discussion agreed on some recommendation in order to create justice for the victim. (JWO)


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