KNRA: A New Road for Agrarian Reform

KPA/Jakarta: After national conference of Consortium for Agrarian Reform (KPA) and 36 other institutions had a workshop. The activity took place on December 4-5, 2014 at Cemara Hotel. It aimed to formulate new steps in encouraging government to implement agrarian reform agenda.

It was also attended by Minister of Agrarian Affairs, Ferry Mursydan Baldan, and a member of Expert Council of KPA, Noer Fauzi. They attended it as speakers. The workshop had a theme “National Consultation for White Book and Formulating A New Roadmap for Agrarian Reform Movement”.

The Head of Organizing Committee (OC) of National Conference for Agrarian Reform (KNRA), Usep Setiawan, said that the objective of the workshop was doing some review to KNRA results finalizing the white book for agrarian reform. Then on the second day, participants of the workshop arrange the next plan.

According to Edi Sutrisno from Tuk Indonesia, minister of agrarian affairs should immediately perform registration to all agrarian resources management licenses given by the company. “All companies’ activities, which are not in adjacent to their licenses should be given heavy sanction, by cancelling their licenses and closing the corporations,” Gun exclaimed. (AGP)

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