Visiting the National Land Agency Regional Office, Central Java KPA Encourages the Acceleration for the Implementation of Agrarian Reform Presidential Decree

Aldo Ramadhan

Semarang ( – Coordinator of Central Java KPA, Purwanto a.k.a Lek Pur along with the peasant unions members of KPA, among it were Banjarnegara Society Peasants Assemblage (Himpunan Tani Masyarakarat Banjarnegara/HITAMBARA), Pemalang Independent Peasants Union (Serikat Tani Independen Pemalang/STIP), Forum for The Struggle of Batang Peasants (Forum Perjuangan Petani Batang/FPPB) also The Sambirejo Truth and Justice Forum (Forum Peduli Kebenaran dan Keadilan Sambirejo/FPKKS) visited the Central Java Regional Office of National Land Agency on Wednesday, February 20th 2019.

The objectives of that visitation are to discuss the acceleration plan of agrarian conflicts resolution and land redistribution through the Presidential Decree on Agrarian Reform (Perpres RA) and Agrarian Reform Task Force (Gugus Tugas Reforma Agraria/GTRA) in Central Java. In that meeting, the Central Java Regional Office were represented by Hery, The Section Head of Agrarian Reform Structuring and Karyono, Section Head of Conflicts Resolution replacing the Head of Central Java National Land Agency Regional Office whom are currently on field duty outside the region.

While the 4 peasants unions above were represented by Tuslim and Sarkim of HITAMBARA, Kasdani of STIP, Sugandi and Damsudin of FPPB also Sunarji and Suyatno of FPKKS.

Sometime ago, Central Java KPA has organized the Regional Coordination Meeting (Rakonwil) which resulted in the mandate of strengthening and expanding the agrarian reform movements in Central Java in order to resolve agrarian conflicts.

“This hearing is one of the follow-up action recommended Rakonwil that was organized on February 9th-10th,” explained Purwanto.

We will also safeguard the implementation of Agrarian Reform Presidential Decree and encouraged the inclusion of Peasant Unions members of KPA into the Provincial and Regency GTRA,” he continued

On the other hand, Central Java KPA also submitted the data on Agrarian Reform Priority Locations (Lokasi Prioritas Reforma Agraria/LPRA) to the Central Java National Land Agency Regional Office as a locations recommendation for conflict resolution.

Those LPRA locations are Banjarnegara, Pemalang, Batang, Semarang and Sragen. Among it are lands formerly licensed with Rights to Cultivate permit (Ex-HGU) belonged to private companies, PTPN and free government lands

Related with those private company Ex-HGU lands, the Central Java National Lands Agency Regional Office will invite the former permit recipients to meet with the sharecroppers (peasants unions). While for the ex-HGU lands belonged to PTPN must previously be released by the state,” said Purwanto.

Purwanto also elaborated on the LPRA gathering process, its subjects and objects also the status of its conflicts. But again, the Central Java National Land Agency Regional Office still insisted on the clear and clean perspective to follow-up on the report from those peasant unions.

This is also applied for the forests area releasing processes that were proposed by FPPB, even though we have explained the status of those lands,” Purwanto concludes.

LPRA itself is a counter-concept initiated by KPA as an auto criticism for the implementation of agrarian reform done by the government so far. That LPRA is in accordance with the principles of genuine agrarian reform which are locations that: are in conflict; possessed inequality of land ownership; has been cultivated by the peasants; possessed peasants union/organization and clear on its subjects and objects. The data gathering method were done in a participatory manner involving the peasants and sharecroppers.  

This is due to the Agrarian Reform Land Objects (Tanah Objek Reforma Agraria/TORA) program echoed by the government has not able to solve the root of the problem presented, which are to resolve conflicts and reorganize the agrarian structural inequality. Other than that, the process of pinpointing locations that were performed by the government does not involve the peasants hence making it possessing vast potential for misdirection or missing its proper target. (AR)

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