BPN Along with KPA of Jambi Region for the Acceleration of Land Redistribution

Aldo Ramadhan

Jambi (kpa.or.id) – The Jambi Regional Office of National Land Agency (Kanwil BPN Jambi) will soon organized land redistribution in order to implement agrarian reform in Jambi. That was revealed in the meeting with KPA of Jambi Region, Tuesday (26/2) in the Jambi Regional Office of National Land Agency.

The lands mentioned above located in Bungku Village, Bajubang Sub-District, Batanghari Regency, Jambi Province with the total width of 3.550 Ha. This region is the cultivated lands of Suku Anak Dalam (SAD/ Inner Children Tribe) which were snatched away by the PT. Berkat Sawit Utama (BSU) and their HGU Permit. Bungku village itself is one of the 23 Lokasi Prioritas Reforma Agraria (LPRA/Agrarian Reform Priority Locations) that has been proposed by KPA to the government long ago.

In this opportunity, The Regional Head of Jambi National Land Agency, Beni Hermawan asks the KPA Jambi Regional Coordinator, Fransdodi to assist the acceleration of that redistribution.

Responding to that, Fransdodi said that he’s ready to collaborate with BPN to guard agrarian reform implementation in Jambi be it substantially or technically.

We will soon organize the data recording for the subjects & objects of redistribution in that release area, but only if BPN also wanted to follow-up on the KPA’s LPRA in Rantau Rasau hamlet, the other bases of Serikat Tani Batanghari (SPB/Batanghari Peasants Union) that also in conflict with PT. BSU,” affirmed Dodi.   

Furthermore, Dodi said this redistribution are done on behalf of the SAD and approved by the corporations.

“They prefer to cultivate their own lands other than working with the company, because the people are often feel disadvantaged,” He continued.

“From a long time ago, we’ve conveyed these issues several times in the Gugus Tugas Reforma Agraria (GTRA/Agrarian Reform Task Force) of Jambi Province,” Dodi affirmed.

These SAD residents are members of SPB. In regards to their joining the union was due to their conflict with the company. When the company snatched their lands, they resisted & fought back until finally joined SPB.

Regarding the land release in Rantau Rasau hamlet, Regional Head of Jambi National Land Agency will invite the company’s party to meet with SPB in order to resolve that conflict.

Other than that, during next week Kanwil BPN Jambi will also formulate the plan for acceleration of agrarian reform in Jambi with KPA Regional Jambi. (AR)

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