GTRA Expected to Solve the Complicated Agrarian Conflict in North Sumatera

Aldo Ramadhan

Medan ( – KPA North Sumatera Regional along with the various CSOs within the Agrarian Reform Joint Secretariat (Sekber RA/Sekretariat Bersama Reforma Agraria) visited the North Sumatera Governor’s Office to discuss the realization of Presidential Regulation no. 86/2018 on Agrarian Reform on Monday (25/02).

This arrival was directly welcomed by Edy Rahmayadi, Governor of North Sumatera, while the Sekber RA was represented by North Sumatera KPA Regional, Bitra Indonesia Foundation, HaRI Institute, Bakumsu, SPI of North Sumatera, KSPPM and BPRPI.

One of the points discussed is the involving of civil society into Agrarian Reform Task Force (GTRA/Gugus Tugas Reforma Agraria) of North Sumatera. 

GTRA, such as defined in the Presidential Regulation on Agrarian Reform is an extension of Agrarian Reform National Team (Tim Nasional Reforma Agraria) to support the works for the acceleration of agrarian reform implementation in the Provinces & Cities/Regencies.

As stated in the Article 21 verse (2) of that Presidential Regulation, GTRA is obligated to fulfill the elements of direct involvement from the people, such as peasants, fisher people’s & indigenous peoples organizations also the civil society organizations.

KPA North Sumatera Regional Coordinator, Hawari Hasibuan signifies to not ignore the role of the people in the GTRA membership.

“From the circulating information, there is already a draft related to the forming of GTRA in North Sumatera. But it is still without the involvement of the people. Therefore, through this meeting we would like for the people to possess a maximum role within the GTRA. So that it could be more participative”, Hawari said.

In line with that, the member of KPA National Council, Sofyan “Ubed” Ubaidi Anom opined that so far GTRA is only carried out half-heartedly. Derivative ruling on the forming of GTRA are also still feeble.

“In its realization (red:GTRA), are still thick of sectoral-ego of each ministries and institutions that are causing the shoddy works of GTRA in the field. This is added by several flaws on the side of regulations”, Ubed continues.

“Often, the peasant organizations are the ones that encouraging the initiation to form GTRA in many regions. Without that initiative, GTRA will not be carried out maximally.” Conclude Ubed.

Maximizing GTRA

There are four names proposed by the Sekber RA to be registered within the membership of North Sumatera Province GTRA, among it are Hawari Hasibuan (KPA of North Sumatera Region), Manambus Pasaribu SH, MH (Bakumsu), Alfi Syahrin (BPRPI) and Zubaidah (SPI of North Sumatera).

This proposal has been accepted and will be followed-up by Edy Rahmayadi. He is hoping that this could be part of the effort to unravel the tangled treads of various agrarian conflicts and other obstacles for the implementation of agrarian reform in North Sumatera.

Hawari said, GTRA is an opportunity that must be responded to resolve agrarian issues.

“It is important for us to be inside the GTRA in order to persuade from within.  Starting the road map of agrarian conflict resolutions in North Sumatera and inventorying the objects of agrarian reform”, said Hawari.

From KPA End of Year Notes, North Sumatera is one of the provinces with the most eruption of agrarian conflicts in Indonesia. Even in 2017, there has been 59 times of conflicts erupted, a level below East Java as the province with the most agrarian conflict eruptions, with 60 conflicts eruption all year round.

This is the due to the various agrarian conflicts that weren’t solved until now, be it old or new conflicts due to the expansion in the investment from plantation, forestry industry & infrastructure sectors.

In line with it, HaRI Institute revealed that since 2014 there are 106 of communities conflicting with plantation companies (with Rights to Cultivate Permit) and forestry industry (Industrial Forest) with the width reaching 346.648 Ha. So far, those conflicts are yet without solution channels. (AR)

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