Southeast Sulawesi Representatives of Ombudsman RI Will Evaluate Agrarian Reform

Benni Wijaya

Kendari ( – KPA of Southeast Sulawesi Region visited the Southeast Sulawesi representatives of Ombudsman RI (Republic of Indonesia) on Tuesday (5/3) in Kendari City. In that opportunity, Torop Rudendi, KPA Southeast Sulawesi Regional Coordinator accompanied by the representatives of Serikat Tani Konawe Selatan (STKS/South Konawe Peasants Union), Lembaga Masyarakat Adat Pedehe (LMAP/Pedehe Indigenous People Institution), Kendari branch of Gerakan Mahasiswa Nasional Indonesia (GMNI/Indonesian National Student Movement).

This visit occurred a day after the joint press conference entitled “Review and Evaluation of 4 Years Agrarian Reform” between KPA and Ombudsman RI in Jakarta, Monday, (4/3)

KPA of Southeast Sulawesi Region requested the Southeast Sulawei Ombudsman RI to evaluate the implementation of agrarian reform in Southeast Sulawesi, among it is the data for Lokasi Prioritas Reforma Agraria (LPRA/Agrarian Reform Priority Locations) proposed by the people that has not yet followed-up by National Land Agency (BPN) of Southeast Sulawesi.

“We have proposed the data on the agrarian conflict locations in Southeast Sulawesi to the government as proposal for locations of agrarian conflict resolution, but there has not yet any follow-up from BPN”, said Torop.

Moving on from the situation above, KPA of Southeast urged the Ombudsman RI of Southeast Sulawesi to organized multi-party meeting to evaluate the implementation of agrarian reform and acceleration of Presidential Regulation on Agrarian Reform.

Quid pro quo, Head of Southeast Sulawesi Ombudsman RI, Mastri Susilo welcomed that proposal and promised to pursue it.

Agrarian reform especially the land issues are very interesting if published, because it is a significant issue for the people,” Mastri said firmly.

“In the future, we expected the cooperation from KPA of Southeast Sulawesi Region, especially regarding agrarian conflict data, also in sending official complaint letter as the material for us to formulate the steps of its resolution,” he continues.  

In this opportunity, Ombudsman RI of Southeast Sulawesi also offered that agrarian reform will be appointed as one of the themes in “morning coffee” activity.

This morning coffee is an Ombudsman routine discussion organized every month by raising strategic issues that currently are in public midst, especially about service. This discussion is involving various stakeholder competent in every issue discussed.

It’s going to be very interesting if it (Agrarian Reform) is raised as one of the Ombudsman’s routine discussion, due to its importance to be known by the people. Obviously by involving related government institutions, KPA and agrarian reform activists in Southeast Sulawesi as speaker,” He concluded (BW)

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