STI Seventh Anniversary: Consistency of the Struggle for Agrarian Reform

Claro A. Mujitahid

Indramayu ( – Sunday, March 3rd 2019 is a historical day for Serikat Tani Indramayu (STI/Indramayu Peasants Union). Exactly that day, the peasant union that is one of KPA Members commemorated their seven years of struggling for the implementation of agrarian reform.

Thousands of organization members crowding the Kedokan Gabus Village, Gabus Wetan Sub-District, Indramayu Regency of West Java, on that day, that commemoration was held.

That celebration started by the convoy of thousands members from the Sukaslamet Village field in Kroya Sub-district through Kedokan Gabus Village. Next, this event is opened by one of Indramayu local art.

Other than celebrating their 7th anniversary, STI also held the anointment & appointing the new batch of organization officials, 2019-2022 period by the Secretary General of KPA, Dewi Kartika. Also attending this event are Syamsudin Wahid, Head of KPA Organizational Strengthening Department, Claro A. Mujitahid from KPA Department of Campaign & Knowledge Management and Secretary General of Serikat Nelayan Indonesia (SNI/Indonesian Fishermen Union), Budi Laksana.

In his political speech, Abdul Rojak as Peasants Counciland Founder of STI instructed all the members of organization to always be consistent in the struggle to actualize and expand agrarian reform movement in Indramayu.

“In the future, STI is urged to strengthen their institution, membership and political movement, also equalize their perspective in order to make this organization stronger and more solid”, state Rojak.

In her speech, KPA Secretary General congratulates and wishes good luck to the new elected STI leader and the holding of the 7th anniversary of STI.

Next, she conveys various things, first, she affirmed that agrarian reform is a political agenda that must always be fought for; second, STI has successfully birthed the best cadres that not only able to speak on the regency level, but also on the national and even international level.

“Therefore, if we observe the politician in the Indonesian National Council of Representatives, Provincial Council of Representatives, and Regency Regional House of Representatives does not approve or agree with the agrarian reform agenda, then we must ensure through our best cadres that agrarian reform agenda must always be championed,” affirmed Dewi.

In 2017, Asep Maulana, STI Secretary General along with other various leaders of KPA peasant organizations members visited the palace and rendezvous directly with the President of Indonesia to convey the agrarian reform agendas that has not yet been carried out optimally.

Dewi also elaborated on various KPA achievements along with their peasant union members in the past year. Among it are the organizing of Global Land Forum 2018 in Bandung, the issuing of Presidential Regulation No. 86 on Agrarian Reform and the appointing of KPA Secretary general as one of the panelist for the second 2019 Presidential Candidates Debate.

The issuing of Presidential Regulation on Agrarian Reform that we’ve been waiting for the past 4 years is one victory for the peasant unions fighting for their land rights due to its existence as the first operational act on the implementation of agrarian reform since the issuing of Basic Agrarian Law of 1960 (Undang-undang Pokok Agraria 1960),” she continued.

Dewi affirms that those achievements are the result from the struggle of peasant unions in Indonesia, including STI. From agenda that is considered taboo even suspected as communist agenda, now agrarian reform has been recognized by the government that the state must acknowledge the peasants’ land rights.

Dewi also added that the birth of this presidential regulation is a positive step for KPA, STI and peasant unions in Indonesia to expand agrarian reform movements.  

The surfacing questions on agrarian conflicts and agrarian reform in the presidential candidates debate is a good momentum because it is a media for public education on this issue and an opportunity to spread the notion of agrarian reform in Indonesia,” ended Dewi.   

Meanwhile Jahid, as the newly elected leader of STI in his speech asserted the lines of struggle for their organization that are categorized to four values of struggle, which are: 1) Strengthening the Institution; 2) Empowering Agrarian Reform Movement; 3) Intensifying the Political Movement and 4) Developing the structuring of organization’s production & economy. (CAM)  


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