Tebo Peasants Union: Great Harvest on the Motherland of Struggle

Ridwan Akbar Tanjung

Tebo (Kpa.or.id) – Serikat Tani Tebo (STT/Tebo Peasants Union) organized Great Harvest in Lubuk Mandarsah Village, Tebo Sub-district, Tebo Regency of Jambi on Tuesday (19/2/2019).

This Great Harvest organized on the cultivated lands of STT members that is currently in conflict with PT. Wira Karya Sakti (WKS), one of the subsidiary of Sinarmas Group working in forestry industry sector.

For STT, great harvest is a victory symbol for their struggle of reclaiming their lands from that PT. WKS.

STT struggle was not easy; they have struggled to reclaim their lands from PT. WKS since 2007. Climaxing in 2013, the peasants have finally reclaimed those lands.

KPA Secretary General, Dewi Kartika in her speech stated that optimist attitude is required in enforcing the struggle within the STT bases for agrarian reform movements. With this great harvest on their cultivated lands proves that there is no such thing as struggling in vain as long as if we keep up with the optimist attitude.

After the speeches, KPA Secretary General harvested the paddy along with the peasants, as a symbolic message for the struggle that were done by the peasants will definitely bear fruit.

After that, they planted the seeds of durian tree as a form of the sustainability of the union’s struggle in order to actualize agrarian reform.

In this opportunity, Dewi also organized the socialization of the Presidential Regulation No. 86/2018 on Agrarian Reform in front of all the union members.

“The existence of this Presidential Regulation No 86, could be the new device for the struggle of peasant unions”, Said Dewi.

She also elaborated that this Presidential Regulation has yet to be a policy for genuine agrarian reform, but the opportunities lies within it must still be exploited maximally by the union members.

“In order to maximally utilized this Presidential Regulation, then we must soon form the Gugus Tugas Reforma Agraria (GTRA/Agrarian Reform Working Group) by involving the participation of peasants and civil societies”, requested Dewi.

On the National level, we’ve been continuously fought for the policies and politics, but the movements on the base levels must also be strengthened and amplified”, She affirms. (RAT)


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