KPA of Southeast Sulawesi Region Submitted the Request for Agrarian Reform Evaluation to Ombudsman RI

Benni Wijaya

Kendari ( – KPA Southeast Sulawesi Regional Coordinator, Torop Rudendi officially submitted the data of Lokasi Prioritas Reforma Agraria (LPRA/Agrarian Reform Priority Locations) and The Letter of Request for Agrarian Reform Program Evaluation to the Republic of Indonesia Ombudsman (Ombudsman RI) Southeast Sulawesi Representative in Kendari on Wednesday (13/3/2019)

This is to follow-up the meeting between KPA Southeast Sulawesi with Ombudsman on March 5th 2019.

During that meeting, Ombudsman committed to evaluate the development of agrarian reform implementation in Southeast Sulawesi as conveyed in KPA report. Therefore, they requested KPA to submit an official request and agrarian conflict data in Southeast Sulawesi as evaluation materials.

“After this, Southeast Sulawesi Regional KPA will keep guarding Ombudsman works if it’s performed in accordance with their commitments. Fortuitously, in the previous meeting, they also promised that they will organize public discussion to talk about agrarian reform issues in Southeast Sulawesi,” said Torop.

In the future, Torop expects Ombudsman to soon evaluate the agrarian reform implementation, especially in regards to Gugus Tugas Reforma Agraria (GTRA/Agrarian Reform Task Force), including the establishment of agrarian reform locations that doesn’t accommodate the people’s proposals.

“We said that, the implementation of agrarian reform in Southeast Sulawesi are misguided due to it didn’t target the agrarian conflict locations,” continues Torop.

Torop also expected that the National Land Agency (BPN) will follow-up on the locations that has been proposed by KPA. (BW)

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