KPA Jambi Regional Collects the Promise of Agrarian Reform Realization in Forests Area

Ridwan Akbar Tanjung

Jambi ( – KPA Jambi Regional visited the Forestry Office of Jambi Province on Monday (18/3/2019) to demand the acceleration of agrarian reform in forests area. That meeting is to follow-up the advocacy of Lokasi Prioritas Reforma Agraria (LPRA/Agrarian Reform Priority Locations) that KPA proposed to the central government since 2017.

From 667.570 Ha that has been proposed, 22.225 Ha located on Jambi Province in around 20.486 Ha of forests area.

In that meeting, KPA Jambi Regional Coordinator, Fransdodi along with colleagues were hosted directly by the Head of Jambi Province Forestry Office, Bastari.

In that meeting, Fransdodi questioned the progress of the implementation of Presidential Regulation on Agrarian Reform in order to resolve agrarian conflicts in Jambi, especially in forests area.

In his remarks, Bastari claimed that he just found out on the existence of that Regulation. “Even I just found out that there is such a thing as this Presidential Regulation 86/2018 on Agrarian Reform. Previously, we only referenced on the Presidential Regulation 88/2017 on Land Control in Forests Area,” said Bastari in his office.

However, Bastari welcomed the issuing Presidential Reform on Agrarian Reform. He stated that the Jambi Province Forestry Office must assist in actualizing the contents of that Presidential Regulation.

Bastari also stated that he will press on the forming of Gugus Tugas Reforma Agraria (GTRA/Agrarian Reform Task Force) be it on provincial or regency levels. “For now the public & social facilities that have been approved must be removed form forestry area. Meanwhile, regarding the indicative mapping of Tanah Objek Reforma Agraria (TORA/Agrarian Reform Land Objects) was released by government without involving the areas or locations proposed by the people,” said Bastari.

Responding to that, Fransdodi revealed, “Going forward, KPA Jambi Regional along with peasant organizations in various regencies within Jambi province to be directly involved in pushing the forming of GTRA on regency level for the acceleration of agrarian reform actualization within the conflict areas proposed by the people.”

Other than that, Jambi Province Forestry Office requested for one of their officers to be involved in GTRA membership.

After this meeting, KPA Jambi Regional is requested to submit their LPRA data along with its supporting documents as reference materials in order to actualize land redistribution through the release of forests area as soon as possible. (RAT)


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