Tebo Peasant Union Focused on Fish Cultivation and School Construction on Collective Land


Tebo (kpa.or.id) – KPA of Jambi Region along with Tebo Peasants Union (Serikat Tani Tebo/STT) organized the Grand Meeting of Agrarian Reform Advanced Village (Desa Maju Reforma Agraria/DAMARA) in Bukit Rinting, Pelayang Tebat Hamlet, Lubuk Mandarsah Village, Tengah Ilir District, Tebo Regency of Jambi Province on Saturday, April 27th 2019.

The meeting that was held for 1 day is STT’s step further toward an advanced & independent village development based on agrarian reform.

It is collectively known, that agrarian reform struggle is not simply a struggle to reclaim lands. But in a bigger narrative the agrarian reform struggle is a peasant initiative in mapping their potential and determining the direction of their village development collectively and independently.

That meeting was attended by 50 members of organizations in Bukit Rinting region. Also attending the meeting was Syamsudin Wahid, from KPA Organizational Strengthening Department and Fransdodi as KPA Jambi Regional Coordinator.

Several points discussed in that meeting are fish cultivation and utilization of collective lands that will be the work agenda in the future.

The fish cultivation that will be practised is applying the method of sprout with bamboo as buoy. Economically, the usage of sprout could minimalize the peasant’s expenses compared with using drums that are popularly sold in the market.

Meanwhile for collective land is currently in the process of land clearing. Part of the lands has been prepared for school construction is 2 Hectares. The rest of the lands which are 12 Hectares will be utilized for the people’s agricultural lands that will be cultivated collectively.

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