Going toward DAMARA, Badega Peasants Union Established Credit Union & Peasants Training Center

Ridwan Akbar Tanjung

Garut (kpa.or.id) – One of the prerequisite of Desa Maju Reforma Agraria (Agrarian Reform Advanced Village/DAMARA) is the existence of a strong people’s organization. This is conveyed by a member of KPA National Council, Sofyan “Ubed” Ubaidi Anom during the training of DAMARA in Cipangramatan Village, Badega, Cikajang District of Garut on Saturday March 27th 2019.

Ubed conveys that in order to actualize DAMARA in Badega, at least we must strengthen the organization and institution of Badega Peasants Union (SPB), to ensure collective spirit of our struggle because it is a continuation of the agenda after the fight for land rights.

Furthermore, Ubed conveys that there needs to be capacity building programs and procesing skills for the local economic production in order to be valued higher and in line with the market necesssity.

Introduction and development of organic farming as an alternative to agricultural processes that are in line with ecological sustainability, also the reinforcement of organizing collective production and distribution for the organization’s agricultural productions,” he said.  

This Great Meeting of Agrarian Reform Advanced Village (DAMARA) was organized along with SPB as a follow-up on the DAMARA initiative in Badega.

In 2016, the Indonesian Government reacknowledged the lands of Badega people through through land redistribution. That reacknowledgement was achieved after 33 years of struggling to reclaim their lands from the private tea company.

Even so, reclaiming their lands aren’t enough. It requires the solidarity between the peasants on how to utilize their lands and develop their villages. They must also execute the restructuring of lands, production and distribution systems that are more democratic, fair and prospering the people.

There are several work plan agendas agreed upon in that great meeting, such as; establishing Credit Union to assist and find the funding solutions for the peasants agricultural productions also creating market access; and constructing the training centre for gathering place and DAMARA-relevant training. (RAT)


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