Post-Land Redistribution, Minahasa Peasants Union Focuses on the Production & Distribution Structuring

Benni Wijaya

Southeast Minahasa ( – The peasants of Minahasa Peasants Union started to arrange the production and distribution systems post-land redistribution last November.

Previously, the peasants also organized the structuring of land usage to remodel land ownership among every peasant within organization. The purpose is to actualize the land ownership equality among the members, also including the allocation of areas for social, public and other supporting facilities.

The peasants are aware that it is not enough to simply receive land redistribution. There are still loads of challenges and agendas that must be done in the future. How to cultivate the lands collectively, establishing financial institutions and cooperatives up to preparing the plans of production effort that could raise the income of the peasants. Among it is providing processed and derivative products from their harvest.

Therefore, SPM along with Consortium for Agrarian Reform (Konsorsium Pembaruan Agraria/KPA) organized a Great Meeting of Agrarian Reform Advanced Village (DAMARA) from April 30th until May 2nd 2019 in Mangkit Village, Belang District of Southeast Minahasa Regency.

The purpose of that four day meeting is to build the cultivators’ awareness on the significance of organizational strengthening; post-land redistribution structuring of production and distribution; also the enrichment of technique and strategy of tiered advocacy relevant to access reform. During the end of the activity, the peasants formulated further plan and strategy to the future toward DAMARA.

Hundreds organizational members were enthusiast in attending that Great Meeting since its first day until the process of formulating the strategic planning for DAMARA in Mangkit Village.

Head of KPA Organizational Strengthening Department, Syamsudin Wahid are filled with optimist after witnessing the DAMARA development, he assessed that the implementation of DAMARA will went smoothly. The indications are the enthusiasm and spirits of its members and officers.

At least, if this plan went on smoothly then in the next six months there will a significant transformation production and distribution systems in Mangkit Villlage,” He said.

This spirit and enthusiasm are what me must safeguard until everything that the peasants dreamt of can be achieved, which is the birth of DAMARA in Mangkit Village,” Syamsudin continues.

From the meeting for the formulating of that strategic plan, there are several agendas that are agreed upon by the members for 19 months in the future; Building a Credit Union (CU); Developing the home industry for the processed food from banana. This home industry will be carried out by women’s and mothers based on collective farming. (BW)


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