Pawartaku Peasants Organization Established Bank Srintil


Blitar ( - Paguyuban Warga Tani Kulon Bambang (Circle of Kulon Bambang Peasants/Pawartaku) will establish a Bank Srintil in the future. The establishment plan is a stage toward Desa Maju Reforma Agraria (Agrarian Reform Advanced Village/DAMARA) in Kulon Bambang, Doko District, Blitar Regency of East Java Province.

This is agreed upon in the Great Meeting of Agrarian Reform Advanced Village on last Thursday, May 2nd 2019, this meeting started with the discussion on the result of socio-economic mapping for Kulon Bambang Village that has been executed.

From the result of that meeting, could be concluded post-land redistribution, the focus of organization are more focused toward the establishment and development of Credit Union (CU) to the cultivation of collective land that has been provided since from the beginning, it wasn’t maximally cultivated.   

Irvan, DAMARA Coordinator of Kulon Bambang stressed that in the future, Pawartaku needs to re-strengthen the organizational works especially to overcome the issues of rural agriculture production.

We have our own collective lands & Training Center but it hasn’t been fully utilized yet,” he said.

In that meeting, the members of organization are also invited to reflect on their struggle all this time.

Such as what stated by Rudi Casrudi form KPA Organizational Strengthening Department by reminding on the post-redistribution purpose of the organization (read: system of authority)

The struggle of peasants here is the inspiration for other peasant movements to reclaim their land rights,” elaborated Rudi.

Judging from the experiences of that struggle, the success of peasant organizations at least requires; first, a strong organization; second, precise momentum and last, possessed the strategy for the struggle of the organization,” Rudi describes.

Rudi also explained that currently the struggle of Pawartaku is still on the stage of governance. The efforts of managing integrated farming (for plantation and goats) are the main sources of income for the peasant households in the village.

Presently, what really needed in this situation is for the peasants to be able to maximally utilize animal feces for the requirements of their plantation and utilized the collective land for the needs of the organization.” He continues.

Bank Srintil as the Center of Integrated Organic Fertilizer

One of the plans that will be implemented after this Great Meeting is to establish the Bank Srintil. It is a center for making organic fertilizers that will assist the activity of rural agricultural production.

This bank will function as an animal waste shelter (such as cows and sheeps) from all the organization’s members/peasants. Various forms of organic fertilizers, such as Mikro Organisme Lokal (MOL/Local Microorganism), Bokashi, Tzu Chi Koji and husk charcoal will be produced here.

This processed product will be sold to the members or external organization parties through barter or agreed upon trading scheme. The result of that effort will be utilized for the interests of the members and village.

This first step, the operation of bank srintil, will be supported by KPA, CU Pawataku, PPAB and Sitas Desa.

Previously, the peasants studied the process of making organic fertilizer. This training was facilitated by Syamsul Asinar from Inagri.

The potential of agrarian sources in this location are overflowing, almost all peasants own sheeps in their plantations. With the overflowing of that potential, we may begin to utilize it for the materials to make organic fertilizers,” said Syam.

As an introduction, the participants were directed to make MOL from rice, husk charcoal and making of tzuchikoji as a media to repair the land structure.

In that Great Meeting, also attended the Circle of Aryo Blitar Peasants’ Chief (Paguyuban Petani Aryo Blitar/PPAB), Jaka Wadira.

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