KPA, API and STaB Opened Joint-Command Post for Bengkulu Flood


Bengkulu ( – Consortium for Agrarian Reform (Konsorsium Pembaruan Agraria/KPA) along with Indonesian Peasants Alliance (Aliansi Petani Indonesia/API) and Bengkulu Peasants Union (Serikat Tani Bengkulu/STaB) build a Joint-command post for the victims of Bengkulu Flood occurred on Friday, April 26th 2019.

The building of this post was meant to aid the flood victims through the distribution of daily necessities, be it to those who flee to emergency shelters or to their relatives.

Hari Hartono, from STaB who is also the coordinator of Joint-Command Post revealed that the postal officers directly visited every neighborhood associations (Rukun Tetangga/RT) to request the relevant datas on citizens affected by flood.

After those data are gathered, the aids were directly sent to the office of village chief to be distributed to every existing neighborhood associations and shelters.

Currently, the refugees living in temporary shelters are 29 households, the rest have evacuated to their relatives,” said Hari.

Spesifically, we also wanted to ensure that all STaB members survived this disaster and for the victims to be able to obtain these aids as soon as possible. So that they weren’t neglected in the refugee,” Hari explained.

Since it was build, this joint-post has succeeded in distributing several main necessities especially rice, sardines, sugar, instant noodles and other daily necessities.

So far, there are two villages and one sub-district that has become the focus of aid distribution, which are Merigi and Kelindang Village also the Sub-district of Rawa Makmur.

The conditions in Merigi and Kelindang Village have deteriorated. Due to the floods and 4 missing victims that even until now are still in the searching.

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