Jambi Regional KPA Urges National Land Agency to Resolve Agrarian Conflict


Jambi (kpa.or.id) – KPA of Jambi Region requested National Land Agency (Badan Pertanahan Nasional/BPN) to resolve agrarian conflicts currently occurring in several locations within Jambi Province. This is conveyed by KPA Jambi Regional Coordinator, Fransdodi Tarumanegara in Jambi Regional BPN Office on Tuesday, May 28th 2019.

In truth, the term agrarian reform written in the Nawacita program of Jokowi-JK is expected to resolve conflicts that are ruining the people’s life. Fransdodi assessed that for a long time the conflict resolution program implemented by the government, especially in Jambi has been progressing slowly.

Ideally, the land redistribution targets for 9 million hectares initially proclaimed from abandoned lands, transmigration lands with no current certificates, lands with expired Rights to Cultivate (Hak Guna Usaha/HGU) permits, lands from the forestland release also other state-owned lands has almost evaporated into thin air. Until the end of their reign, Jokowi-JK has even more often organized the ceremonial certificates distribution toward the people who already possessed land of their own.

One of the unresolved conflicts is the conflict between PT. Asiatic Persada with the Anak Dalam Indigenous Tribe (Suku Anak Dalam/SAD) in Bungku Village, Bajubang District of Batanghari Regency that has been without resolved even though it has been going on for years.

That conflict caused the loss of cultivation lands belonging to the SAD since it was claimed by the company as one of the lands included in their Rights to Cultivate/HGU permit.

Fransdodi explained that in order to resolve this conflict the government must execute the conflict resolution also land redistribution to the peasants especially those claimed as the company’s HGU regions.

“We urge the National Land Agency to resolve the agrarian conflicts in Jambi, especially in the companies’ HGU regions to soon be redistributed to the people in need.” demanded Dodi.

In response to that, Head of BPN Jambi Regional Office, Beni Hermawan specified that they have already allocated lands with the total width of 3.550 Hectares that will be released soon to the SAD people.

“In Jambi we have already prepared 3.550 Ha of lands for the SAD 113 and Sungai Beruang communities, also 500 Ha for transmigration in Bahar River with the overall width of 4.050 Ha” explained Beni.

Beni also requested KPA to safeguard and accompany the process of agrarian reform implementation in Jambi.

“We requests KPA to safeguard and assist the Agrarian Reform in Jambi”, he said.

Other than that, KPA Jambi also questioned the issue of the people’s land in conflict with Tungkal Utu Cooperative (Koperasi Tungkal Ulu/KOTALU). KPA urged BPN to provide the legal certainty of land ownership to the people, so that this conflict won’t be dragged on.

“In regards to the KOTALU lands, we demanded that BPN must soon determine the status of those lands to be owned by the people” Ended Dodi.

The snail-like process of agrarian conflict resolutions in Jambi was due to the miniscule willingness of the provincial government causing the inability of all elements relevant to the resolution process to work maximally.

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