STKS Peasants Developed Local Agricultural Potential


South Konawe ( – In order to actualize the Agrarian Reform Advanced Village (Desa Maju Reforma Agraria/DAMARA), peasant unions or organizations must fully understand the potentials that could be developed as local agricultural innovation, so that the processes of ownership system, usage system also production, distribution and consumption systems can be properly implemented. This explanation was given by KPA National Council Member, Sofyan “Ubed” Ubaidi Anom during the “Great Meeting and Training of Agrarian Reform Advanced Village” in Marga Cinta Village, from May 11th to 14th 2019, one of the branch village of South Konawe Peasants Union (Serikat Tani Konawe Selatan/STKS).

In line with what Ubed conveyed, Marga Cinta Village Chief, Usep Hendrawan conveyed the chances to be cooperated between village government with STKS of Marga Cinta. For example, the political support of funding related with the agricultural production system and participatory mapping with the village mapping approach.

The purpose is to find out about the location of agrarian conflict and agrarian wealth potential that could be supported by the village government,” He said.

As village chief, Usep have a commitment to bridge the market for agriculture production that could be provided by the STKS peasants. He’s also committed to actualize DAMARA, among it in the form of Village-owned Business Entity.

Southeast Sulawesi KPA Coordinator, Torop Rudendi affirmed that Marga Cinta Village can be made into DAMARA pilot village in Southeast Sulawesi.

“In the future, we wants DAMARA to be implemented in other STKS branches and if possible, can also be actualized in other regions of Southeast Sulawesi,” Affirmed Torop.

He also elaborated, other than the support of village government, the importance of strengthening the consolidation on the local organizations stage, because people organization in the local stage is main key of DAMARA implementation.

Presently, organic farming is one of the focuses of STKS in the context of agricultural production system.

That can be perceived from the villager’s intention to initiate the training of 10 youngsters who are prepared to be the organic farming facilitators in Marga Cinta Village.

In order to support the requirements of that plan, STKS will establish the seed bank. Other potential of Marga Cinta Village is the cultivation of freshwater fish that can also be developed by the villagers.

This training that went on for 3 days is to provide enrichment in the form of knowledge by theories and practices on DAMARA to the villagers. Since the first day, hundreds of organization members are filled with enthusiasm in taking part in this training. Also attending this training is the Leader of STKS, Ujang Uskandiyana.


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