Agrarian Reform Priority Locations (Part-10)

Forest Area Regulations Restrained Prosperity of Sungai Dangin Sanggau Villagers

Sanggau – Up until today, the villagers of Sungai Dangin, Noyan subdistrict, Sanggau district, West Kalimantan were haunted by fear in doing their daily activities, in order to fulfill their life’s needs. The source of their fear was caused by an incident that made their village, in which they have made their living for tens of years, was trapped by regulations over forest area.

Before the incident, the villagers peacefully managed agrarian resources in their village area. The production outputs were used to fulfill their daily needs, such were clothes, food, and housing. Their activities were inherited from their ancestors long time before now. The peacefulness was disturbed in 2014, when the Minister of Forestry issued Decree No. 733 of 2014 that decided all Sungai Dangin village area become definitive village of forest area.

The acquirement of Sungai Dangin village into forest area gave bad effect to the villagers’ life and prosperity. They could not manage agrarian resources in their area anymore. They must live in dilemma. On one side, they had to manage the resources to fulfill their daily needs. On the other side, their activities would be account as criminal acts on protected forest area. Even the village’s development process was also thwarted by the regulation.

The population of Sungai Dangin village reached 2,961 people from 714 households who cultivated 10,724 hectares of land. The majority of population ethnicity was Dayak, that have already living hereditary there. Generally, the villagers worked on rubber, wet paddy rice field, unirrigated land, and seasonally sold durians.

The villagers’ productivity was disturbed because their hands were held back by the regulation for forest area which was implemented over their village area. They conducted several efforts in responding the situation descended upon them. One of them was making spatial planning and spatial mapping of Sungai Dangin village.

They also carried out hearing to the head of Sanggau district and proposed recommendations to let their village area out of forest area in 2015. It was followed up by another hearing to West and BPN of Sanggau District on proposing the establishment of IP4T (Inventory of Land Control, Ownership, Use and Utilization). BPN made a promise to lobby the Head of Sanggau district to immediately establish IP4T of Sanggau district and appoint Sungai Dangin village as one of their priority. However, it has not yet come into realization.

KPA urges BPN and Ministry of Forestry to implement agrarian reform at Sungai Dangin village by letting their village area out of forest area, under 2014 Joint Regulation of Four Ministers on Procedures for Resolution of Land Control on Forest Area.

To be continued. . .

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