Agrarian Reform Priority Locations (Part-5)

Abandoned Land of Kadu Gedong Raya Inc.

Pandeglang – The land, that was formerly possessed by Kadu Gedong Raya Inc. under Building Right, is occupied by a peasants group. It was located in Citalahab and Pasirawi villages area. The land’s status now is state land. The land had a transfer of right before from Karang Kihiyang Inc. under Cultivation Right to Kadu Gedong Raya Inc. under Building Right. In mid 1990, the land area was 64 hectares in total. However, after the transfer of right, it was diminished to 53 hectares: 9 hectares in Citalahab village and 42 hectares in Pasirawi village.

Right after independence, the land which was given a right to be under control of a Chinese businessman called Seng Lin. In mid 50’s the land was divided into housing area and plantation area at the arrival of newcomers which consisted of 51 households who came from Sukabumi and 41 households who came from Bandung and Garut. They built housing on the land and overtime it was developed into two kampungs  today, called Cibogo and Heas in Pasirawi village area. When the right ownership of the land was transferred to Kihiyang Inc., it was turned into coconut plantation.

In mid 90’s, the right over the land was transferred once more into Building Rights when the owner of right was transferred to Kadu Gedong Raya Inc. The company changed the right over the land because it planned to build brown sugar industry. However the plan has not come into realization. Its establishment has paused and the land become abandoned. The villagers then occupied the abandoned land and since than have cultivated it by planting food and horticultural plants, such as cassava, paddy, vegetables and beans. They are also use the land for raising cattle.

Pasirawi village itself was an expansion from previously Citalahab village, which was expanded into four villages: Citalahab, Pasirawi, Mogana and Cibeureum. It decreased plantation area, not to mention there were some right owners who changed map of land vastness.

Today, the villagers have cultivated about 90 percent of the abandoned land. They are able to produce raw materials for their opak (a kind of cassava chips) production, which previously should be bought from other villages. The price was very expensive from the raw materials. However, the company is disturbing the villagers who cultivate the land. Even though, it has not doing any activities anymore since 2015, when it went bankrupt and abandoned the land.

The status of the land until today has not yet dealt by regional government and Pandeglang office of National Land Agency. Though the villagers has already cultivated the 53 hectares of land since 1990.

Referring to Government Regulation (PP) No. 40 of 1996 on Cultivation Right, Building Right and the Right to Use Land, when the owner of the rights does not govern the land appropriately, according to articles 30, 31 and 32, then the rights will automatically be annulled according to article 35, and it should be returned to be state land. And then, government has an obligation to distribute the land to people who has cultivated the land, according to article 8 in PP No. 224 of 1961 on land distribution implementation and compensation deliverance. Therefore, KPA urges the implementation of distributing 53 hectares of land which right was formerly possessed by Kadu Gedong Raya Inc.

To be continued. . .

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