Agrarian Reform Priority Locations (Part-1)

Jokowi-JK had promised during their Campaign Period to prioritize agrarian reform in their ruling period. It was contained in Nawacita in the fifth point, which was decided to be performed by redistributing 9 (nine) million hectares of land to Indonesian common people.

In approaching two years term of their ruling period, it has not yet performed as it was expected. Its process is much slower than it was hoped for, as a result of failures of all parties under Jokowi, either they agrarian-reform-related ministries or other state institutions concerned, in implementing the program.

Agrarian reform is a political promise of Jokowi-JK which should be promoted to be implemented by various parties, in order to answer poverty problems, which has already become much severe along time, caused by injustice agrarian resources control in our republic. Agrarian reform is the only solution to the problem, when it is performed rightfully.

Other than that, agrarian reform is a constitutional mandate contained in 1945 Constitution, which was interpreted through Basic Agrarian Law No. 5 of 1960, as the source of the law in governing agrarian resources, and it should be implemented by the president as an executive mandatory.

As a response upon those explanation above, Consortium for Agrarian Reform (KPA) has prepared several locations to be prioritized in implementing agrarian reform through 9 million hectares of land distribution. KPA will release those locations appointed, in form of writing series to describe each of them, complete with their conflicts and resolution process.

The locations proposed by KPA are scattered on some provinces, such are: Central Java, East Java, West Java, Jambi, South Sumatra, Bali, South Sulawesi, South East Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, and West Kalimantan.

Ex-Land of Mackenzie Coconut Plantation Inc. at Pemalang

Pemalang – A long time has gone since vilagers of Klayeran, Petarukan of Pemalang District, Central Java crave for possessing legal documents over the land that they have already cultivated for years. Various efforts have already been done by them, including unite themselves in an organization called Pemalang Independent Peasant Union (STIP) in order to achieve their craving.

The 160.35 hectares of land cultivated by them was formerly controlled by Mackenzie Inc. which possessed the land under Cultivation Rights (HGU) for coconut plantation. That and another 22 hectares of free state land (eds: ground-remitting). The villagers cultivate the land in form of fish pond for ±97.3 hectares and the rest was planted of jasmine, paddy and other horticultural plants. They have cultivated the land since 1993.

The Cultivation Right for coconut plantation of Mackenzie Inc. had already ended under Decree No.20/HGU/DA/1983, since 2008. At the time, the company had tried to apply for an extention, however it was rejected by the head of the district by a letter No. 593.4/413/Tapem. The rejection was delivered because the company had not performed its duties well in governing the land, in accordance to Government Regulation (PP) No. 40 of 1996 article 22. Thus, according to the article 3 point 2 and article 17 in the same PP above, the company’s right was annulled or in other words the land has returned to its former status as the state land.

Today, the land cultivated by the villagers is controlled by the state and has already been stated to be one of agrarian reform objects by the district government based on suggestion of regional office of National Land Agency. Referring to 1960 UUPA, the land should be given to the people who cultivates it. Government has a duty to give the land to the villagers, in accordance to the PP No. 224 of 1961.

Based on facts presented above, KPA suggested government to immediately legalize the land ownership in the form of land certification for the villagers, who have united in STIP. They have already cultivated the land since 1993, which is more than three years. The decision is an implementation of agrarian reform.

To be continued…..

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