Halal bi Halal KPA, Toward Global Land Forum 2018

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Jakarta (KPA) – the Consortium for Agrarian Reform (KPA) extended family organized a Halal bi Halal event on Thursday (12/7) to tighten the relationship between organization members.

Other than member organizations such as Indramayu Peasants Union (STI), Majalengka Peasants Union (SPM), Pasundan Peasants Union (SPP) dan Banten Peasants Movement (S2P) there are also most of the founders, former Secretary Generals and other National Secretariat Officers of KPA such as Gunawan Wiradi, Bonnie Setiawan, Agustiana, Noer Fauzi Rachman, Usep Setiawan, Sandra Moniaga, Iwan Nurdin, Idham Arsyad, Ubed Anom and Rudi Casrudi.

Other than that, the event held at KPA National Secretariat in Pancoran, South Jakarta also attended by various network organizations such as Indonesian Peasants Alliance (API) and Sajogyo Institute

Selain organisasi tani anggota seperti Serikat Tani Indramayu (STI), Serikat Petani Majalengka (SPM), Serikat Petani Pasundan (SPP), dan Pergerakan Petani Banten (P2B), hadir juga beberapa pendiri dan pendahulu KPA, seperti Gunawan Wiradi, Bonnie Setiawan, Agustiana, Noer Fauzi Rahman, Usep Setiawan, Sandra Moniaga, Iwan Nurdin, Idham Arsyad, Ubed Anom, dan Rudi Casrudi.

Other than that, the halal bi halal held in KPA National Secretariat, Pancoran, South Jakarta also was also attended by several network organizations such as Indonesian Peasants Alliance (API) and Sajogyo Institute (Sains).

KPA Secretary General, Mdm. Dewi Kartika started her meeting by asking support from all audiences for various agenda which currently are being implemented or will be implemented by KPA in the future, among it are advocating for Agrarian Reform Priority Locations (LPRA) and KPA preparation toward Global Land Forum 2018 (GLF 2018) which will be held on September 24th-27th 2018 in Bandung..

GLF is the biggest global forum on land in the world, which will be attended by all relevant factions working on land rights issues from 64 member countries of International Land Coalition (ILC). Attended by more 200 organizations, this forum were hoped to provide a joint work agenda to fight for the land rights of all the participant countries

The supports from all parties are expected to help succeeding this global forum. Bearing in mind that the significance of this GLF as a momentum to encourage the agrarian reform agenda in this world, especially in Indonesia.

Joint Commitment in Supporting GLF 2018

The invite to assist in accomplishing that agenda are responded directly with optimism by the attendees, especially the founders and members of KPA.

Other than GLF agenda that will be held at the end of this September, this nation will also take part in a “democracy party” which is Presidential & Legislative Election that will be held in the middle of 2019.gi st

2019 election is a political momentum that must not be missed. KPA needs to formulate a strategy to utilize that democratic event by promoting agrarian reform agenda as the nation’s priority agenda. GLF is expected to be a turning point in carrying on the agrarian reform agenda.

Especially since at least 18 KPA members/activists have registered as legislative candidates from various political parties, be it on the DPR (The People’s Representative Council), DPD (Regional Representative Council) or DPRD (Regional People’s Representative Council). This is in order to fight for agrarian reform agenda through parliamentary path.

Therefore, strategic planning is urgently required, especially by KPA to gather support to them. The experiences of previous general elections have definitely taught many things that might assist in formulating future strategy.

In celebrating that democracy party, KPA is challenged to prepare the complete concepts and ideas regarding agrarian reform as agenda that will be proposed to all the President &Vice President Candidates whom will run in the Election. Those concepts and ideas must be urged to be included within the candidates’ draft of vision, mission & work plan, as a bargaining tool to the president-elect, his cabinet ministers & elected officials.

Even so, KPA is expected to not be trapped into the practical politic arena. Also must guide its cadres to their victory path in the parliamentary battle in order to actualize the genuine agrarian reform agenda.

Meanwhile, soon, KPA kept urging for the agrarian reform implementation especially the regions proposed through LPRA. From hundreds of locations proposed to the government, some of it has finally achieved result, such as Mangkit Village in Southeast Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi whom will soon begun their land redistribution process.

Other than Mangkit, several LPRA locations that lands possess a rather big chance to be redistributed must be assisted in its acceleration process. The target is for the whole process must be done and the Mangkit lands will be distributed in Bandung during GLF. In order to achieve that, various processes must be completed with several relevant Ministries such as the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs & Spatial Planning/National Land Agency also the Ministry of Environment & Forestry.

Although there have already many positive signals, the role of KPA Experts Council is very significant in analyzing this development, mainly in safeguarding the land redistribution process within the criteria of genuine agrarian reform (red: people-initiated agrarian reform)

So far, it has been agreed that another meetings must be organized to sharpen above agendas. That meeting will be organized directly by GLF Strategic Team consisted of Mr. Usep Setiawan, Mr. Idham Arsyad & Mr. Iwan Nurdin whom are also members of KPA Experts Council and Chief of KPA National Board. (BW)

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