Countdown toward the Official Launching of Global Land Forum

Benni Wijaya

Jakarta ( – National Organizing Committee of Global Land Forum 2018 has officially launched series of events toward GLF which will be held this September in Bandung on Friday (August 3rd 2018)

The event which will be held in Hotel Akmani, Menteng, Central Jakarta will begun with the collective beating of gentongan (Indonesian traditional music instrument) by all the representatives of NOC consisted of 15 CSOs and Government of The Republic of Indonesia.

These fifteen organizations are Consortium for Agrarian Reform (KPA), Indonesian Institute for Forest and Environment (RMI), Participatory Mapping Networks (JKPP), Sajogyo Institute (Sains), Indramayu Peasants Union (STI), Pasundan Peasants Union (SPP), Indonesian Forum for the Environment (WALHI), Indigenous People’s Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN), Indonesian Peasants Alliance (API), Women’s Solidarity for Human Rights (SP), People’s Coalition for Fishery Justice (KIARA), Pusaka Foundation, Indonesian Human Rights Committee for Social Justice (IHCS), Community and Ecological Based Society for Law Reform (HuMa) and Epistema Institute.

While the government is represented by Presidential Staff Office (KSP), Ministry of Agrarian Affairs & Spatial Planning/National Land Agency, Ministry of Environment & Forestry also National Human Rights Committee.

This event that goes on for 4 hours also filled with discussion on the hopes for GLF 2018 and the development of agrarian reform implementation in Indonesia. Among other the event presented Yanuar Nugroho (Presidential Staff Office), Desmond J. Mahesa (Member from the 3rd Commission in Indonesian House of Representative) , Maria S.W. Soemardjono, Reni Windiyawati (Ministry of Agrarian Affairs & Spatial Planning/National Land Agency), Bambang Suprianto (Ministry of Environment and Forestry) and Dewi Kartika (Secretary General of KPA)

The government welcomed this GLF 2018 event, the momentum of Asian-African Conference could be repeated, if in the past it’s regarding independence, then right now this event which will be held in the same place will be in the different context, which is regarding land rights,” said Yanuar Nugroho.

On the other hand, Desmond stressed how GLF is not only a ceremonial event but must be viewed as an event to repair the deficiencies in the government all this time, especially involving agrarian reform implementation. “This is what the people want.” He affirms.

GLF is a learning moment on how to solve agrarian conflict in Indonesia. The President’s alignment in agrarian conflict resolve issues must also be on the people side with the assistance of Presidential Staff Office and relevant Ministry/Institute.” He added.

Meanwhile, Maria Soemardjono hopes that GLF could be a momentum for the country to cooperate for the people’s prosperity based on Article 33 in the Constitution. “Justice should come before peace, because without justice there’s no peace,” Maria added.

The discussion that went for at least 2 hours was ended with an epilogue speech from Bapak Gunawan Wiradi. He focused upon the consistency for agrarian reform struggle in Indonesia.

“GLF 2018 is a chance for us to learn from each other and build world solidarity to establish genuine agrarian reform,” He said.

“Don’t change, the ones that do not only the nature or the people but ideas also changes; even though ideas experiences modifications but at its essence it must still be the same. GLF is a momentum to learn from each other and return to the authenticity of agrarian reform,” He ended his speech.

GLF 2018, Global Momentum on the Struggle for Land Reform and Agrarian Reform

Global Land Forum will be held in less than a month. GLF will be a forum for all global communities, especially Indonesia to collectively initiate the solution of land rights issues. Inspiring each other to be free from land grabbing practices occurred nowadays.

Through this forum every global community will share their ideas and experiences. It will also burn the spirit and moral strength for those whom are still struggling for the Motherland. While at the same time will emphasizes on the importance of cooperation for the establishing of common understanding for justice and peace.

GLF wanted to present the spirit of cooperation in every community to establish mutual solution by presenting the People-Centered Land Governance.

As explained by Iwan Nurdin that GLF 2018 will be the greatest initiative exchange forum in the world that could be a new inspiration and spirit for the Country that it is vital to fight for agrarian and land rights issues, especially those occurred in the rural area for global community.

Similar with Dewi Kartika who affirmed that GLF 2018 is an important momentum that could encourage the spirit of humanity and realization of land rights, especially for the peasants, indigenous people, women’s and rural society.

In that GLF, we’re expecting the birth of declaration which encouraged agrarian reform and conflict resolution in Indonesia and Global, which is the Bandung Declaration.” Added Dewi. (BW)


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