Bandung Agrarian Youth Ambassadors Welcomes Global Land Forum 2018

Aldo Ramadhan

Bandung ( – Consortium for Agrarian Reform (KPA) cooperating with Anthropology Department of Padjajaran University (Unpad), organized agrarian reform education/training for “Agrarian Youth Ambassadors” in Bandung. Taking place in Unpad Campus, Dago this event went for 3 days from August 14th -16th 2018. The participants are youths of peasant unions/organizations member of KPA and university students from Bandung and other areas in West Java.

For 3 days, the participants gained basic understanding of agrarian reform and peasant movement. Those various understanding was given from seminars given by several prominent agrarian figures and activists whom mostly are members of KPA. Such as Agustiana (Pasundan Peasants Unions Secretary General), Noer Fauzi Rachman (former Chairman of BP KPA), Usep Setiawan (Member of KPA Experts Council), Iwan Nurdin (Chaiman of KPA National Council), Mdm. Dewi Kartika (KPA Secretary General) whom also an alumni of this Padjajaran University.

Although most of the participants are still “green” in regards to agrarian reform issues. But, they are participating very enthusiastically in all parts of this 3 days training. “This agrarian reform educational training has given me loads of new knowledge, from the definition of agrarian affairs that I’ve misunderstood all this time until the history and current news of agrarian reform itself.” said Tiara Dinda Astari, one of the trainees.

“Other than that, this training has broadened my perspective on agrarian cases which are actually rather high in Indonesia. Hopefully the knowledge I obtained here could be shared with other colleagues and may assist in educating the people to decrease agrarian conflicts”.

These participants are specifically selected by KPA for more than a month. These Agrarian Youth Ambassadors will be a part of Global Land Forum 2018 that will be held in September 22nd -27th 2018 at Bandung. Their roles are expected not only limited to the Global Land Forum 2018. But also in the long term, they are expected to be agrarian reform cadres that will continue the struggle of agrarian reform, especially in Indonesia.

Therefore, it is vital to grant basic understanding of agrarian reform to them as an entrance gate to keep diving in the treasures of agrarian reform knowledge which will be shared to the society.

We hope that these young generations are not only contributing in the organizing of GLF. But also in the future, they may also be the cadres and ambassadors of agrarian reform, especially in Bandung and Indonesia. As part of the young generation, they must be prepared to carry on the fight for agrarian reform.” said Secretary General of Consortium for Agrarian Reform (KPA), Mdm. Dewi Kartika.

Other than KPA and Padjajaran University, this training is supported by International Land Coalition (ILC) and Presidential Staff Office (KSP). Even in the 2nd day, the participants directly discussed agrarian reform with ILC staff, Sabine Pallas. In this chance, Sabine enthusiastically elaborated on ILC and GLF which then replied with questions by the trainees. (AR)


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