Why Bandung was Chosen as the Global Land Forum’s Host

Gloria Fransisca Katharina Lawi

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA – International Land Coalition or ILC has chosen Bandung as the host city for Global Land Forum event with the purpose of raising the spirit of agrarian reform by reminiscing the memory of Asian-African Conference in 1955.

The Secretary-General of Consortium for Agrarian Reform, Mdm. Dewi Kartika said that Bandung was chosen as the GLF 2018’s Host was due to the fact it possesses historical value and spirit of independence from colonialism through the spirit of Asian-African Conference. 

“The spirit of struggle against colonial exploitation in the past can be renewed and it will essentially assist us in encouraging the people’s land rights.” said Dewi in the Akmani Hotel, on Friday (July 3rd 2018).

Global Land Forum 2018 will be held in Gedung Merdeka, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia on September 22nd – 27th 2018. It will be the 8th Forum held since its first time in Rome, Italy last 2003. The forum were continued in Santa Cruz, Bolivia on 2005, and then in Entebbe, Uganda on 2007. Antigua, Guatemala was the host in 2013 and lastly in Dakkar, Senegal on 2015. The choosing of Indonesia as host by ILC Global Council was due to its significant development in agrarian reform issues.

National Council Chairman of The Consortium for Agrarian Reform, Mr. Iwan Nurdin said that this GLF 2018 will be a forum that provides international dialogue in agrarian conflicts resolution. He stated that this forum is vital in order to assist the adoption of various countries method in agrarian conflict resolution.


“Our hope, from civilian and government, GLF 2018 which are the biggest forum in the world in regards to current land issues discussion, is of course to share new grand ideas so that we may inspire new spirit.”

GLF this year brought the theme “United for Land Rights, Peace and Justice” with the purpose of promoting land governance to resolve inequality, poverty, conflict issues, human rights and rural development. Eventually, this gathering is attended by around 900 participants from 77 countries representing international development organizations, United Nations agencies, government institutions, academicians to civil society organizations.

This article was published in the bisnis.com website on 17.24 Western Indonesia Time of August 5th 2018 entitled “Ini Alasan Global Land Forum Diadakan di Bandung”

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