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Bandung, Host to Agrarian Reform International Gathering

Dani Prabowo

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Indonesia was chosen as the first ASEAN host in organizing Global Land Forum (GLF) 2018 held by International Land Coalition and several Indonesian/International civil society organizations.

The gathering was planned for this September 22-27th at Gedung Merdeka in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. It is the 8th meeting since held for the first time in Rome, Italy last 2003. After that it was held in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (2005), Entebbe, Uganda (2007), Kathmandu, Nepal (2009), Tirana, Albania (2011), Antigua, Guatemala (2013) and finally at Dakkar, Senegal (2015).

The choosing of Indonesia as host nation by ILC Global Council is due to the consideration that it possesses a rather significant development in regard to agrarian reform.

Since 2014, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has displayed numerous commitments to develop village & agriculture by expanding the ownership access and citizens management toward lands and forests.

One of the commitments was written in National Medium Term Development Plan where the government targets the redistribution of 9 million hectares of land through agrarian reform agenda for the peasants

“From both civilian and government sides, our hope is that the GLF 2018, the biggest land forum in the world, will not only discuss the latest land issues but also share the great ideas that may inspire new spirit,” said Mr. Iwan Nurdin, Consortium for Agrarian Reform (KPA) National Council’s Chairman in Jakarta on Friday (August 3rd 2018).

2nd Deputy of Presidential Chief of Staff Mr. Yanuar Nugroho added that the choosing of Bandung as organizing location was due to the early year’s spirit of independence.

"This time we’re hoping Indonesia could be an inspiration for land rights realignment.” He said.

Yanuar affirms that the government cannot work alone in implementing agrarian reform program. The role of civil society organization is required in actualizing it.

“Due to the problems with high complexity that we’re facing, meaning that it cannot be solved by government alone.” He added.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of National Human Rights Committee, Mrs. Sandra Moniaga said, GLF could be a positive event to share ideas between Indonesian CSOs with its international counterpart.

To date, the people are always trying to fight for the human rights of small community groups, such as peasants, fishermen, indigenous people and the urban poor whom are facing land issues.

“We know that there are complex issues within agrarian reform but we must believe in the collective process, organizing GLF, friendship & dialog can be increased until post-GLF there would be better conditions for the peasants, fishermen, indigenous people whose lives are depended on land,” She elaborated.

GLF 2018 carried on the theme of “United for Land Rights, Peace & Justice” with the purpose of promoting land governance to resolve inequality, poverty, conflicts, human rights & rural development. This meeting was also attended 900 participants from 77 countries representing international development organizations, United Nations agencies, government institutions, academicians to civil society organizations.

This article was published in Kompas.com with the title “Bandung Tuan Rumah Pertemuan Reforma Agraria Internasional” in August 3rd 2018 on 22.30 Western Indonesia Time.


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