Commemorating National Peasant Day: Jember Peasants Demand Land Redistribution to Their Regent

Jember – Similar to the event in Surabaya, Jember peasants also launched into rally in commemorating national peasant day, which is fall on September 24 annually, on Tuesday (27/9).

Hundreds of peasants joined in Independent Peasants Union (SEKTI) carried out a rally by sounding oration in front of Jember Head District office. They demand realization of promise of redistribution of disputed land.

Rallying Mass demanded local government to implement agrarian reform at eight area in Jember District, which were: Curanongko Village (Curahnongko-Andongrejo), Curahtakir (Curahtakir-Sananrejo), Mandigu (Sindodadi-Pondokrejo) at Tempurejo Subdistrict; While at Ketajek Subdistrict, they were consisted of Pakis, Suci and Badean villages; Nogosari village at Rambipuji; Mangaran village at Ajung Subdistrict; Muyorejo village at Silo subdistrict; and Sabrang village at Ambulu subdistrict.

All of these villages, according to field coordinator of the rally, Muhammad Jumain, are in dispute with PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) or Regional Plantation Company (PDP).

1960 Basic Agrarian Law is not well implemented, there are even a lot of deviation. One of them is land grabbing from people by pasting on PKI stigmatization latched on since 1965,”said Jumain.

Rallying mass asked local government to immediately establish an independent team of land redistribution implementation. SEKTI said that they have a political contract with recent Head of Jember District, dr. Faida, which was agreed on by both parties at the time of his campaign.

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