Demonstration on National Peasant Day, Peasants of Kendari Demand Prosperity

Kendari – In commemorating National Peasants Day (HTN) on September 24th, hundreds of peasants together with several civil society alliance joined in South East Sulawesi People Alliance for Agrarian Reform rallied to demand peasant prosperity in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi, on Tuesday (27/9).

Jokowi was assessed that he has implemented fake agrarian reform because instead it has strengthened land monopoly and land grabbing.

General Coordinator, Syamsuhada explained, “In sharper deterioration of Indonesian people’s economical and livelihood, foreign investment kept flowing freely, whether for mega-project development, infrastructure, large scale plantation expansion, national park and other allocation.

At the same time, Jokowi-JK continue to spread illusion in order to mute people resistance by promoting fake agrarian reform.

“Agrarian reform program which only talk about land distribution and certification without in the least touching any effort to stop land monopoly and land grabbing in Indonesia is not principle of genuine agrarian reform”, Syamsuhada revealed.

The flare of land grabbing, criminalization and agrarian conflicts cases in Indonesia, not excluded in South East Sulawesi, is an evidence of the lack of seriousness of Jokowi-JK regime in implementing genuine agrarian reform.

In the rally, People Alliance for Agrarian Reform delivered several demands, such as: stop land monopoly and land grabbing; make gender justice genuine agrarian reform into realization; stop intimidation, terror, violence, and criminalization against peasants and all Indonesian people.

They also demanded to immediately cancel problematic companies’ permission; moratorium plantation and mining expansion; resolve all agrarian conflicts in South East Sulawesi; lower agricultural production cost; and supply non-interest capital access for peasants.

Lastly, they asked market warranty and fair price protection for people agricultural product, implement food sovereignty and stop food import, and also land distribution for landless peasants.

The amount of agrarian conflicts up until today in South East Sulawesi is a homework for Jokowi regime to be resolved immediately.

Some of the ongoing conflicts are UPT Arongo against PT Merbau, which evicted productive land of transmigration people of Arongo, West Ranomeeto Subdistrict; Villagers of Angata, Landono, Sabulakoa and Mowila against PT Merbau; Transmigration people of Tolihe against PT Tiran Sulawesi; Villagers of Moramo, Kolono and Laonti subdistricts against PT Tiran Sulawesi; and so many more other conflicts caused by investment interest of palm oil plantation and mining,” Syamsuhada explained.


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