Commemorating National Peasant Day, Masses Visited Jambi Regional Parliament Office

Jambi –  There was a mass action for 2016 National Peasant Day (HTN), which was fallen on September 24th, in front of Jambi regional parliament, on Tuesday (27/9).

Hundreds of mass action, consisted of KPA Jambi, WALHI Jambi, AGRA Jambi, and Jambi Agrarian Reform Task Force (SAROJA), started the rally by long march from BI intersection to Jambi regional parliament office.

Previously, the rallying mass performed Cultural Stage in form of photos exhibition on land grabbing, testimony of land grabbing victims and musical festival in front of Jambi Governor, on Saturday (24/9).

Field Coordinator of the rally, Dody, said, “in commemorating 2016 National Peasant Day, we are rallying in order to urge the state, government and Jambi parliament to eradicate land monopoly and implement genuine agrarian reform.”

Government should stop criminalization against peasants who cultivate by burning land, secure palm oil and other agricultural production price, and resolve all agrarian conflicts in Jambi.

Government should also revoke licenses of companies that burned down forests and land, which certainly inflicted peasants a lot, and enforce law toward companies that were proven to burned down and grabbed ancestor land of Anak Dalam Tribe (SAD),” Dody added.

In the closing of their rally, hundreds of participants joined in Justice Alliance for agrarian affairs delivered several demands, such were: 1) stop land monopoly; 2) implement genuine agrarian reform; 3) secure palm oil, rubber and other agricultural products; 4) resolve agrarian conflicts in Jambi; 5) revoke licenses of companies that burned down forests and land; enforce law toward companies that has proven to burn forests and land; and 7) stop grabbing ancestor land of SAD.

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