MP3EI Project Implementation Caused the Most Agrarian Conflicts in 2014

KPA/Jakarta: Agrarian conflict in infrastructure sector has reached the highest number in 2014. It was revealed in KPA’s research for a whole last year. In KPA’s manuscript of 2014 Year End Note, the MP3EI project implementation was suspected to be the cause of massive agrarian conflict in Indonesia in 2014.

General Secretary of KPAm Iwan Nurdin explained that, “In line with the spreading of the Masterplan for Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia’s Economic Development (MP3EI), which focuses on infrastructure development, the highest agrarian conflict this year can be seen on infrastructural projects. KPA has recorded at least 215 agrarian conflicts (45.55%) in this sector,” Iwan explained.

This sector increased significantly in 2013. Iwan said, “In infrastructure sector, there was agrarian conflicts increasing from 105 conflicts in 2013 to be 215 conflicts in 2014, or increased significantly in 104%,” Iwan explained.

In KPA’s record, the cause of agrarian conflicts explosion in infrastructure sector is the implementation of the Law No. 2/2012 on Land Acquisition for Development for Public Interest and its derivative regulations. It is the main cause of making easier for people’s land grabbing in the name of development.

In his release, Iwan explained that the emergency factor of implementing MP3EI program, which divided Indonesia’s mainland and marine into six economic coridor based on main commodities, which are connected one another (economic connectivity) through development of natural resources exploitation and exploration businesses in wider scale.

This alumni of UMY explained more, “The MP3EI project shows how government domination is very thick in causing agrarian conflicts in infrastructure sector. Government acts in processes of land release and acquisition, including as risk taker of land acquisition for infrastructure,” Iwan stated. (GA)

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