Due to the Unclear Status of Sumberklampok Land in Bali , BPN RI’s and Bali’s DPRD’s Commitment Questioned

Dewi Kartika

Jakarta-KPA: Agrarian conflict between residents and the company as well as the provincial government in Sumberklampok Village, District of Grokgak, Buleleng Regency, Province of Bali up to now hasn’t been settled, even its settlement leads nowhere.

The latest update, on December 5th, 2013, representative of Sumberklampok’s people, accompanied by Bali’s Regional KPA and National KPA came again to meet National Land Agency of Republic of Indonesia (BPN RI) in Jakarta to ask for an explanation from BPN, especially from Deputy IV of Land Control and Community Empowerment Department, about the progress of Sumberklampok’s land case and status because its progress in the last couple of weeks has worried the residents. This hearing also aimed at “asking for” the follow-up of the previous meeting on July 3-4th, 2013 in BPN RI, because since that meeting BPN hadn’t given any information about the progress of its settlement process in BPN to the residents.

From the residents, there were I Putu Artana (Sumberklampok’s Village Head), Wayan Sawitra (Dusun’s Head), and Misnawiyanto (residents’ representative), accompanied by Made Indrawati (Bali’s Regional KPA) and Aji Mulyadi Putra (Member of Regional House of Representative/DPRD of Buleleng Regency). From National KPA, there were Dewi Kartika (KPA’s Deputy Secretary General), Yuriansyah and Adang Satrio (KPA’s Department of People’s Organization Empowerment). From BPN, there were Amin Sahid, Bambang and Nour Azizah  (Deputy IV) as well as Sunarto (Deputy IV, handling land conflict and dispute)

Result of the hearing with BPN on settlement of 624-hectare land gets unclear to the residents, even it doesn’t favor them. According to Deputy IV BPN RI, exposure from internal BPN, Sumberklampok land’s status is provincial asset although, he admitted, there isn’t any certificate of Right to Manage (HPL) on that land. This statement supports unilateral statement of Bali’s Governor claiming without any clear origin, the land occupied by 696 households since 1992 is provincial asset.

“Bali’s Governor’s statement, supported by Bali’s BPN Regional Office, followed up by formation of Asset Special Committee by DPRD not special committee for land conflict settlement, doesn’t only create big question mark to consistency of BPN’s policy about Sumberklampok Land’s status but also annuls processes conducted by BPN itself related to Sumberklampok land,” said Dewi Kartika, Deputy of Secretary General, in that hearing. Dewi then asked BPN to give exposure from internal BPN in written form to the residents as an agreement from the previous meeting (7/3-4/2013) and asked BPN’s commitment in that case settlement process.

As we all know, previously, BPN RI said that Sumberklampok land was indicated as “abandoned land” based on Government Regulation No. 11/2010 about Abandoned Land Control and Utilization based on Letter of BPN RI Regional Office of Bali Province date of July 14th, 2011. In fact, its stage towards selection process as abandoned land has been conducted by BPN by forming Committee C, to sending warning letter I, II and III to the companies holding Right to Use (HGU), among others were PT. Margarana II, PT. Margarana III and PT. Dharma Jati based on result of committee team’s research in field.

On the other hand, Putu Artana as Perbekel or Sumberklampok Village Head said his disappointment on the result of the hearing, “ We have fought for our land for long time, we followed its procedure towards settlement process as it was agreed, suddenly Provincial Government wanted to put marks stating that our land was Provincial Government’s asset, and now BPN said it was no longer their concern and the residents had to deal with Ministry of Finance when it came to provincial government’s asset. Information about the exposure was considered state’s secret” said Mr. Putu about result of the hearing.

Before that, to respond the latest progress, the residents had protested by blocking the road on November 7th, 2013. This act was an expression of disappointment on statement of Bali’s Governor, Made Mangku Pastika. Then, mass act continued on December 3rd, 2013 by coming to the office of Bali’s DPRD which formed Asset Special Committee, eventually representatives of the residents conducted hearing with BPN in Jakarta.

The purpose of formation of Special Committee is clearly not in favor of the progressing Sumberklampok land conflict settlement process. Asset special committee just wants to legitimize land-grabbing of Sumberklampok as large as 624 hectares for Provincial Government’s interest, taking away residents’ right and access to sumberklampok land which they have occupied and cultivated since 1922.

To respond to that latest progress and government’s inconsistency in settling agrarian conflict in Sumberklampok, the residents declare their position and stand as follows:

  1. Refuse Bali’s Governor’s statement about Sumberklampok land’s status as provincial government’s asset;
  2. Refuse formation of Asset Special Committee by Regional House of Representative of Bali’s Province;
  3. Demand for formation of Special Committee for Agrarian Conflict and Land Dispute Settlement on Sumberklampok land (and in Bali in general) according to joint agreement between the residents and Commission I and II of Regional House of Represntative of Bali’s Province on September 27th, 2013;
  4. Promote for legal review on land status in Sumberklampok by various parties, which are Regional House of Representative, National Land Agency of Republic of Indonesia and civil society organizations;
  5. Encourage National Land Agency of Republic of Indonesia and Regional House of Representative to conduct mediation process for agrarian conflict and land dispute settlement in Sumberklampok between the residents and Bali’s Provincial Government in the framework of agrarian reform implementation as mandated by Basic Agrarian Law (BAL) 1960 and General Assembly’s Decree No. IX/2001 about Agrarian Reform and Natural Resource Management;
  6. Encourage factions in Regional House of Representative of Bali’s Province to take favor of Sumberklampok’s Villagers’ interest by not acknowledging Sumberklampok land as provincial government’s asset. (DK)

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