Corruption Suspected in Sumberklampok Land Dispute

Monday, November 11th, 2013, Sumberklampok villagers gathered again in Banjar, Sumberbatok, to wait for the arrival of Bali’s Governor, Made Mangku Pastika.

As we have known before, Sumberklampok villagers have blocked the road for two days since November 7th. It related with land disputes that has been going on since 22 years ago. They have lived on the land hereditary. It was on PT Margarana I, PT Margarana II, and PT Darmajati rights to use. They have proposed to own the land through Abandoned Land Settlement scheme based on Government Law Number 11 year 2010 on Abandoned Land. Unfortunately, they have been stucked on Central BPN (National Land Agency) because lately Bali’s Governor has proposed right on the same land to Central BPN. The villagers wanted to settle the problem nicely, but they haven’t received any response from the Governor, Mangku Pastika.

In November 8th, the head of Bali Police Officers visited them on site at 22:00 WITA. He came peacefully to ask their sincerety to unblocked the road. He also asked the villagers to give some written information to the police on the land problem, so he can understand the whole problem of the land dispute. The villagers then unblock the road to show their good intention.

On November 9th, around 10:00 in the morning, the head of Bali Police Officer visited Sumberklampok again. He wanted to show his grateful directly to the villagers for their action to unblock the road. At that time, the villagers accepted his gratefulness and also demanded his promise to bring the Governor to them. The villagers also gave him a pack of documents and asked him to help them facilitates the case. They informed him that on November 7th, through Buleleng head of military officer and Buleleng head of police officer, the Government sent invitation for meeting on Monday, November 11th at 14:00 WITA, but they rejected the invitation. They prefer the Governor to come to their village. Unexpectedly, the head of Bali Police Officer agreed to help the villagers and would try to communicate with the Governor and asked him to visit Sumberklampok Village. He also promised to meet the Governor on Saturday, Novermber 9th, which meant right away on the same day. He said that he needs time to settle the matter. The villagers gave their word not to blockage the road until Monday, as they were waiting for his news.

They have not received any news up until Monday, November 10th. Instead, they received an invitation letter that ask for some representations from the villagers to come to the meeting in the Governor Office. On Monday, November 11th, they decided not to come to the meeting. They chose to stick to the agreement with the head of Bali Police Officer. They are still hoping that he will fulfil his promise as a knight to give them some news on the matter. Around 10:00 in the morning, the villagers gathered again in Banjar, Sumberbatok peacefully. They didn’t bothered drivers on the road. They were waiting in orderly for the news from the head of Bali Police Officer, General Inspector Benny Mokalu. Head of Sumberklampok Village, Putu Artana, said that villagers will wait and hold on to the agreement of their meeting in their Customary Hall of Sumberbatok. Along with him, Kelian Adat (customary authorities) of Sumberklampok, I Nengah Nadia, said thath the villagers were gathering as they had promised to hear the news from Benny Mokalu. They believed that he will fulfil his promise and help them seriously.


There was a good result from the villagers road blockage. Did the Governor give up?

On November 11th, the Governor still went on with his coordination meeting without people’s representation. The result was that the Governor willingly give his recommendation for the land to the villagers upon approval of Bali Regional House of Representatives. According to him and Bali Land Agency the land belongs to provincial government. Bali’s People Representatives will visit the site to observe directly. Bali Regional House of Representatives planned the settlement of the dispute by giving the villagers 400 square metres for hommage and the rest of it will be given right to manage. Villagers certainly rejected the People Representatives’ concept, because it showed that the government didn’t settle the dispute based on abandoned land scheme as expected.


Why was Bali Governor stubbornly maintaining his claim on Sumberklampok land?

The Opening of Sumberklampok Villager’s Road Blockage was a result from their negotiation with General Inspector A.J. Benny Mokulu as the head of Bali Police Officer. He promised to make the Governor meet the villagers. On the reality, he didn’t come to them. On the contrary to the villagers wish, the Governor invited them to Denpasar. The villagers took this as breaking the agreement. “The villagers want the Governor to come them and make the dialog in Sumberklampok,” said DD Shineba.

According to the Chairperson of Networking and Political Department of KPA, DD Shineba, the Governor was still having coordination meeting without the villagers participation. The result was that the Governor willing to give and recommend the land upon Bali People Representatives. He was still insisted that the land in dispute is Bali Provincial Government’s asset. The meeting also sent Bali People Representatives to observe the land. According to DD, Sumberklampok villagers wanted the dispute to be settled using abandoned land resettlement scheme based on Government Law No. 11/2010. “Bali Land Agency should syncronized with National Land Agency, because it has stated to settle the dispute using Government Law on Abandoned Land No. 11 year 2010,” DD stated.

The findings of Supreme Audit Board (BPK) must be attentively seen that there is a disclaimer on provincial asset maintenance budget of Sumberklampok land, although Bali Provincial Government doesn’t have any rights to claim that Sumberklampok land in dispute is their property. It was suspected to be fictional maintenance budget flowing on land asset maintenance which on reality never been maintaining by the Government and on reality the land is cultivated and managed by the villagers.

“The Governor of Bali’s claim on Sumberklampok (and also Sendangpasir) land is suspected has something to do with the findings or ‘disclaimer’ kualification of BPK on 2010, especially on the use of ‘local government asset maintenance’ budget. It is suspected to be a case of corruption, collusion, and nepotism,” Indrawati of Bali KPA added.

“Therefore, the Bali’s Governor must revoke his petition and lawsuit on the land, and he also has to issue recommendation letter to Central BPN to dicipline and harness the former right to use land of PT Dharmajati, PT Margarama 1, PT Margarama 2, and PT Margarama 3 in Sumberklampok as abandoned land, so it can be agrarian reform object for all tillers in the village, such as stated in Government Law No. 11/2010,” DD said.

The villagers hope that People Representatives of Bali heard their aspiration by willingly come down, have dialog and observed the situation, condition, and intention of Sumberklampok villagers. If they don’t do that, this dispute will never end and the agrarian conflict in Sumberklampok will come to the heat.

The Governor of Bali was asked to have commitment to solve his people’s problems. One example of the problems is “Benoa Bay reclamation”. The governor is assumed to violate his commitment to cancel the reclamation of Benoa Bay. He only revoke the decree No. 2138/02-C/HK/2012 on Giving Permission to Use, Develop and Manage Benoa Bay Area. He doesn’t revoke The Decree No. 1727 which still gives permission to Study Benoa Bay Reclamation Plan. This means that The Governor still give permission for PT TWBI to plan the reclamation for two years, though FS of University of Udayana has claimed that Benoa Bay is not suitable to have reclamation. This is a bad track record of the Governor’s commitment. We can’t have the Governor to commit other lies which make people’s access on natural resources is hindered, in this case is Sumberklampok case.

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