Residents Urging Against the Irregularities of Eviction Case in Tanjung Sari

Al Ayubi

The urging of all Indonesians, National Committee of Human Rights (Komnas HAM) Central Sulawesi Regional Branch & Open Letter of the Tanjung Sari Residents to the Chief of Indonesian Police, Members of The Indonesian People’s Representative Council, Central Sulawesi Regional Representative Council also the People’s & Student Organizations located inside and outside of Central Sulawesi became the root cause for Indonesian Police Chief to organize a meeting last Thursday, March 22nd 2018 between the eviction victims living in Tanjung Sari, Banggai Regency of Central Sulawesi by assigning Indonesia Police National HQ Team (Head of Internal Security Bureau of the Professional & Security Division) to lead the investigation on violence actions & mass deployment of troops just to confront unarmed citizens last time.


Few results known publicly are the discharge of Banggai Police Chief, Ajudant Commissioner of Police (AKBP) Heru Pramukarno and the transfer of Central Sulawesi Province Police Chief, Brigadier Police General I Ketut Argawa whom only just served for 4 months to be the Head of Planning and Administration of the General Oversight Inspectorate yang baru menjabat 4 bulan, menjadi Head of Planning and Administration of the Indonesian National Police General Oversight Inspectorate.


Recalling that since the meeting, where the police had promised to examine the police officers who committed violence on March 19th 2018, and carried out internal repression of the troops who were caught directly on the camera / video carrying out acts of violence, Unfortunately, until now, they have not revealed the results of their investigation amidst the dimming of the case from the public spotlight.


The disputed land in Tanjung Sari has caused 2 (two) times the eviction of residents' houses (May 3rd to 6th 2017 and March 19th to 21st, 2018) based on the determination of the execution from the Luwuk District Court. The first and second eviction events were assessed by many parties not based on judgments, interpretations and legal decisions that were in accordance with the principles of the legal basis of the Republic of Indonesia and the basic principles of Human Rights (HAM).


In addition, some irreglularities were witnessed in the Second Execution process (March 19th to 21st 2018). The Banggai District Police had deployed approximately 1,000 POLRI and TNI members to secure the 20 hectares eviction process and carried out actions that were not in accordance with procedures. Moreover, in the object there are approximately 50 Freehold Titles who still possesses legal power because they have not been brought to justice yet and canceled by the relevant agencies.


Therefore, various civil society organizations, students and other movement organizations with the same purpose, again urged the National Human Rights Commission to conduct investigations and title cases as soon as possible for gross human rights violations during execution in stages 1 and 2, where the current state of psychology residents living under refugee tents have not yet fully recovered, and other adverse effects such as loss of work and vulnerability of health, especially to toddlers and children, considering the available food only relies on assistance from outside parties who are sympathetic to the incident.


Residents are also asked the Judicial Commission and the Supreme Court to immediately examine the chairman of PN Luwuk, who had granted an appeal from the party claiming to be an heir until then the Luwuk District Court ruled the execution of eviction of houses and residents' settlements. As a result of this controversial decision, 200 houses and 343 households consisting of 1,411 people were victims of unilateral evictions.


On the other hand, the omission carried out by the Regional Government of Banggai Regency towards this event increasingly indicates the irregularities that exist. The absence of the Regional Government in the grievous event made residents who struggled to resist the eviction have to clash with the authorities and make as many as 26 people arrested, and 2 others were shot by rubber bullets. Until finally, residents who were victims were forced to live in the rubble of their settlements which had been flattened to the ground.

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