Receiving The Decree on the Determination of Land for Agrarian Reform Objects (TORA), Mangkit Village is One Step Closer toward Land Redistribution

Benni Wijaya

Southeast Minahasa (KPA) – The struggle of the Minahasa Peasant Union of Mangkit Village, Belang Sub-district, Southeast Minahasa, North Sulawesi has reached the silver lining after last Wednesday (11/7), the government of Southeast Minahasa Regency through their Head of PR Division, Mr. Roy Lumingas. S.H has distributed The Decree on the Determination of Land for Agrarian Reform Objects (TORA) to the members of the peasants union. This redistribution was accepted directly by the Leader of SPM, Mr. Simon Aling in his office. Mangkit Village itself is one of the conflict locations which were listed by KPA to the government through Agrarian Reform Priority Locations (LPRA) program.

Finally, through various advocacy and long encouragement processes, the good news has finally arrived for the peasants of Mangkit Village through the birth of The Decree on the Determination of Land for Agrarian Reform Objects (TORA).

 This moment was cheerfully welcomed by all the residents especially peasants in the village. Although it was celebrated in an unusual fashion: the mass-shaving of the residents’ hairs.  This agrarian conflict has been a long and hard struggle faced by the peasants of SPM. At least for 31 years the peasants has defended their cultivated lands. In the beginning, these lands are certified under the already abandoned Business Use Rights Certification in the name of PT. Mawali Raya, PT. Nusa Cipta Bakti and PT. Kinamang Waya. Knowing this situation, the peasants united themselves in this Minahasa Peasant Union (Serikat Petani Minahasa/SPM) and initiated to cultivate those lands making it into productive lands until now.

Simon Aling, Leader of SPM is very grateful with the release of this Decree. This means that their struggle to gain recognition on the lands they cultivated is closer to reality.

“I would like to express my thanks to everyone involved in assisting our struggle on this cultivated lands”, Simon said.

Meanwhile, in his spare time, Mr. Aling also shows his supports for the Global Land Forum 2018 event which will be held this September in Bandung.

Global Land Forum is a once in 3 years global discussion attended by land, human, women and environmental rights defenders from all over the world. It is a place for all the factions involved to reach a solution to all the inequality of land tenures & poverty issues in this planet.

“I hope that the GLF 2018 will be a momentum for all the groups to be united in fighting for land rights. It is also a perfect moment for SPM in expanding our networks to connect with the agrarian reform movement networks in the global scale,” he added. (BW)


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