South Sulawesi’s Alliance of Agrarian Reform Movement Condemned PTPN XIV Illegal Activities in the Community Land

Benni Wijaya

Makassar (KPA) – A group of CSOs in South Sulawesi, namely the KPA South Sulawesi Branch, Makassar Legal Aid Institution, KontraS of Sulawesi, South Sulawesi Peasants Federation, Massenrempulu Peasants Union, Environmental Voice and Bulukumba People’s Education Foundation are condemning PTPN XIV.

This is a respond to illegal activities done by that State-owned Enterprises (BUMN) on the lands cultivated by the residents of Maiwa Sub-district, Enrekang Regency of South Sulawesi. Due to that activity, the agricultural lands have become damaged. Furthermore, they also demanded that the Regional Police Chief of South Sulawesi to order a general retreat to his troops securing the conflict location and handling the destructive actions done by PTPN XIV.

According to Rizki Arimbi, Coordinator of KPA South Sulawesi Branch, the destructive activity has occurred many times even though, the Business Use Rights Certificate given to that state-owned enterprise has already expired since 2003.

Despite the fact that the Government of Enrekang Regency has issued circular letter stating that the Business Use Rights Certificate won’t be extended since it didn’t provide any contributions to the regional government and kept causing conflicts in society. Other than that this community cultivation location is one of the Agrarian Reform Priority Location (LPRA) that currently are being pushed by KPA to the government as one of the land redisitribution object of agrarian reform. The event above is very contradicting with the plan of agrarian reform program which this government tried to apply. This unfortunate event didn’t happen only once, there was also the experience of Mr. Rahim (50) a peasant living in the region. Last August, Rahim claimed that a group of the Police’s Mobile Brigade (Brimob) came to his house and accused him of destroying palm plants belonging to PTPN XIV. Even though according to Rahim, he only was doing cultivation activities in his farmland. He also was previously threatened if he doesn’t vacate his land. Even worse, in March, Rahim farm were destroyed by the Brimob. (BW)


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