National Land Agency and World Bank are Accused of Misleading the Information Regarding Agrarian Reform

Syafiul Hadi

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta — Non Governmental Organization famously known as Consortium for Agrarian Reform has accused the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency (ATR/BPN) and the World Bank as deliberately providing misleading information to the people regarding the activities funded with loans as part of the acceleration processes for agrarian reform.

“This is a misleading claim. Even worse that it’s partially done,” said Secretary General of KPA, Mdm. Dewi Kartika in her written statement which Tempo received on Tuesday July 24th 2018.

Ms. Dewi Kartika explanation were delivered related to information about the loans from World Bank to The Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency for the sum of US$ 200 Millions which will be applied to accelerate agrarian reform program.


The loan was approved by The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors. It was planned to fund The One Map Program for 4,3 Millions land users in Indonesia.


Dewi Kartika stated that the loan initiative is not for the acceleration of agrarian reform.


"Loan components will be applied for The One Map Program combined with Complete Systematic Land Registration (PTSL) and electronic land information service,” she stated in 2018.


"The program is similar at all (with the acceleration of agrarian reform)."


According to Dewi, the government’s statement on the acceleration of agrarian reform is not the same with land registration program, land titling and map making.


Dewi said that the genuine agrarian reform is the arranging of agrarian structure due to the inequality in the domination of national agrarian structure. That inequality, Dewi affirmed, characterized by the fact that most people especially peasants, labourers and indigenous people doesn’t own any or only own a very undersized piece of land.


Dewi explained that agrarian reform must also be directed to solve constant agrarian conflicts occurred in Indonesia. Beside, the process of resolving conflicts must prioritize the remedy of people’s land rights and its economical sources.


"With those goals in mind, then agrarian reform is a step to unlock opportunities for the landless people to own their piece of land,” She said.


Other than that, Dewi declared that land titling defined by the government is not included in genuine agrarian reform. This land titling is more like a public service to the citizens whom already own a piece of land yet without its legal certificate.


"It is dangerous that every policy associated with land will somehow considered as a part of agrarian reform,” she affirmed.


On this issue, KPA also presses on the government to cancel that World Bank loan project. Dewi believes that agrarian reform agenda must not be funded with loan. For the reason that it will deflect the main purpose of agrarian reform which appropriate with Basic Agrarian Law of 1960 and Constitutions of 1945.


"Agrarian reform must be led directly by the president in its preparation, execution dan evaluation,” she stated


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