KPA: Cancel the World Bank Loan that Abuses the Name of Agrarian Reform!

Johannes Nainggolan

RMOL. The Consortium of Agrarian Reform (KPA) regretted the loan project from World Bank to the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning on behalf of Indonesian government which they incorrectly referred as Agrarian Reform Acceleration.


The Secretary General of KPA, Ms. Dewi Kartika assessed that all of the loan components will not be used for agrarian reform, but for the One Map Policy Program that combined with Complete Systematic Land Registration (PTSL) and electronic land information service. 


On the other hand, the Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning, Mr. Sofyan Djalil on his press release did not elaborate on the allotment of the loan itself. Sofyan only asserted that the World Bank is committed to support the land titling program through the loan amounted to US$ 200 millions or Rp 2,7 trillions.


KPA believes that the Ministry of ATR/BPN-RI and the World Bank deliberately gave misleading information to the Indonesian people about those loan-funded activities as an acceleration process for agrarian reform 


"The program is not the same, even on the direct opposite side of agrarian reform spirit, which supposedly is a current priority program for Mr. Joko Widodo Presidency,” Dewi announced in her written remark on Tuesday (24/7).


Dewi added that Agrarian Reform in the vocabulary of science and practice all over the world is not as simple as land registration, certification and map making, especially if partially-done. This is indeed a deluded claim.


Agrarian Reform, Dewi continued is an arranging of agrarian structure due to the inequality in the domination of national agrarian structure. This inequality is characterized by most people, especially by landless or peasants, labourers and indigenous people owning small-sized lands. Meanwhile, a handful of large scale corporations and enterprises owning great numbers of land in our Motherland.


"Agrarian Reform must also be targeted to solve agrarian conflict, by priotritizing the remedy process for the people’s land rights and its economical sources,” she stated.


Furthermore, Dewi said that with those goals, then agrarian reform is a step to provide opportunities for landless people to own land. Therefore, land titling is not agrarian reform. 

 It is a public service to the people who has already owned a piece of land, but not yet certified. Using the loans to solve this issue which must be paid cleared by future generations is indeed unfair.


"Two decades ago, The World Bank also gave loans to the New Order (Orde Baru) government for their Land Administration Project (LAP). The locations of the LAP were Jakarta, Bekasi, Depok, Tangerang, Bogor and Karawang. KPA at the time gave harsh critics due to the fact that LAP project will be an instrument of land liberalization,” she stated.


Presently, what we’re worried about from the LAP project of 2 decades ago has happened. Lands within the locations of LAP has fully consentrated and owned by business owners from industrial, residential (such as apartments) and commercial sectors, while the previous land owners were not involved in the building and development process other than selling their lands. 


Reflecting on the failure of LAP in involving the previous land owners to their development processes. It is vital to cancel that World Bank loan, especially when followed with the frills of Agrarian Reform, which is very misleading. 


Other than cancelling that loan, KPA also pushed the government to fulfill their agrarian reform promise through land redistribution program to the rightful people, which supported fully and systematically by its other supplementary programs that will be done after the land has been redistributed, in order to assist the lands in becoming productive also paving roads to social justice and prosperity.


"It is dangerous that every policy associated with land will somehow considered as a part of agrarian reform, KPA also condemned the move of the World Bank in support of the land liberalization process in Indonesia,” stated Dewi. [nes]


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