Central Sulawesi KPA Regional Branch and Its Networks Demanded the Cancellation of PT. SPN’s HGU in North Morowali

Ridwan Akbar Tanjung

North Morowali (kpa.or.id) – Central Sulawesi KPA Regional Branch demanded the cancellation of Permit for Cultivation Rights (HGU) possessed by PT. Perkebunan Sinergi Nusantara (SPN) which was formerly known as PTPN XIV located in Lee Village, Upper Mori Sub-district, North Morowali Regency, Central Sulawesi.

This is revealed during accompanying advocacy for the Lee Village Chief along with the HIMASOS UNTAD (Social Sciences Student Association of Tadulako University) and lawyers to attend the resident’s court hearing. They filed the lawsuit due to the anger toward the unilateral claim by the corporation. The people never gave their lands up for the issuing of PTPN XIV’s HGU.

According to the residents’ statement, on the last 1999, BPN of Poso Regency has approached Lee Village, but that visit was only to decide on the village area border with the forest area, not for the issuing of PTPN XIV’s HGU. Suddenly, the HGU for that state-owned corporation was issued for 1895 hectares of lands with Lee Village included within it.

Apparently, the part of the lands petitioned for PTPN XIV is within Lee Village. Even though Lee Village has existed there since a long time ago, the village is even equipped with various village infrastructures such as power poles.

Since then, the corporation forcibly displaced and evicted lands resulted in the loss of the villagers’ livelihood. Plantation and village public cemetery weren’t spared from evictions that has even approached village water source.

In his response, Noval Apek Saputra as Central Sulawesi KPA Regional Branch Coordinator asserts that there is no transparency in the process & result of land registration also there is no partiality from the government towards citizens who have clearly owned the land.

“Along with our networks, we fully supports the struggle of Lee Village and demanded the government to abort that Permit for Cultivation Rights (HGU),” affirmed Noval.

The residents of Lee Village has protested to the National Land Agency (BPN) of Poso since December 12th 2014 and demanded the BPN to exclude their village from the corporations HGU. Other than Lee Village, two of the villages which are Kasingoli and Gontara villages are also claimed by that problematic permit. (RAT)

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