The Regent of Serdang Bedagai Committed to Implement Agrarian Reform

Benni Wijaya

Serdang Bedagai ( – Regent of Serdang Bedagai, Ir. H. Soekirman initiated the multi-parties meeting in regards to agrarian reform in the Regency of Serdang Bedagau, North Sumatera, Tuesday (5/3/2019). This meeting is a follow-up of his commitment to form the Agrarian Reform Working Group (GTRA) from Serdang Bedagai Regency in accordance with the presidential mandate of Presidential Regulation No. 86 on Agrarian Reform.

This meeting involved Eva Bande, Agrarian Defender from Central Sulawesi that just been granted the Yap Thian Hien Award last January.

Other than Eva, there is also Usep Setiawan, Main Experts from Presidential Staff Office; Roni Septian Maulana, Head of Police Advocacy Department from Consortium for Agrarian Reform (KPA); Agrarian Reform Joint-Secretariat (Sekber RA) of North Sumatera, BITRA Indonesia foundation, Serdang Bedagai Peasants Union, Hutan Rakyat Institute (HaRI), Bakumsu, SKPD, Land Office of Serdang Berdagai, Resort Police of Serdang Bedagai, several Sub-district Heads and Village Chiefs in Serdang Bedagai.

As one of the initiator of agrarian reform implementation in Sigi Regency, Eva Bande conveyed that she’s delighted that the Sigi Regency can be the example for the process of implementing agrarian reform. She explained that in agrarian reform implementation, there are several clusters starting from preparation, identification of subjects & objects, monitoring & agrarian reform evaluation.

“Of course that every location possesses different agrarian contexts therefore we need to discuss this further with related parties, to formulate the agrarian problems. Then, the work meeting as the work platform for the working group/task force. Agrarian footsteps are located in the rural areas, therefore after the standard mapping process so that it could be the basis of the regency’s overall proposal to release the objects from the state & corporations. This can be done by the Regents to the Ministers” Said this woman who won the Yap Thiam Hien Award.

Furthermore, Eva also explained to all the Government Ranks from the Regency that Presidential Regulation No. 86/2018 demanded that GTRA of the Regency and the Regent are authorized to propose Agrarian Reform Land Objects (TORA). That women defender hopes that agrarian reform implementation can a dream be shared by all of us to be contextualized and implemented.

In North Sumatera, Serdang Bedagai is one of the regency that initiated several achievements, such as “Kabupaten Ramah HAM” and et cetera.

Roni Septian Maulana, Head of KPA’s Policy Advocacy Department stated that if Serdang Bedagai will be the pioneer of Agrarian Reform implementation, then they have to involve the people.

“Indeed, this Serdang Bedagai possesses an abundant amount of the people’s will to encourage AR. The partners such as this will be the strategic partner to implement Agrarian Reform. KPA have the subjects and objects of AR, that we proposed to the government. If the government wanted to, this should be the exact location for it. Because the people is organized, has their own production source & cooperatives, location that is already prepared must be identified by the task force in the future.” Affirmed this Sukabumi, West Java borne-man.

The effort to decentralize the implementation of agrarian reform in Serdang Bedagai Regency has started. Wina Khairina, Director of Hutan Rakyat Institute (HaRI) said that to represent the civil society, she’s prepared to help. “So, I am currently mapping the agrarian conflict in Serdang Bedagai, especially in Sipispis Sub-district. Hopefully we can help and collaborate. Hopefully the data we obtained can assist in encouraging the implementation of agrarian reform.”

With all their intent and seriousness, the Regency Government of Serdang Bedagai tries to implement agrarian reform and Manambus Pasaribu confessed that he really appreciates the works of Regency Government.

“Principally, currently, the North Sumateran Provincial Government also possesses a strong commitment, similar with here. First, there are various conflicts concurred. The people act in demonstration demanding the government to end this conflict, because there is no law instrument of conflict resolution. Be it due to unavailability of strong government policy caused by the absence of the basis of law. The issuing of Presidential Regulation on Agrarian Reform must be appreciated although it possesses weakness. Therefore, every government elements must implement it in every region.

In the process of establishing GTRA everyone is involved similar to the process in Sigi is what we expected. We also wanted to convey the draft and points from Sekber RA of North Sumatera on this Presidential Regulation no. 86/2018.” affirmed the Executive Secretary of the Association of Legal Aid and Advocacy for the North Sumateran People (BAKUMSU).

Swaldi is one of the agrarian defenders in North Sumatera, conveyed that everyone involved in this meeting including the government must completely comprehend the Presidential Regulation on Agrarian Reform and GTRA. “This must be followed-up as soon as humanely possible, we also worried that there won’t be any mafia able to enter GTRA Team.” Affirmed this man whom daily routine activities are involved within BITRA Indonesia Foundation.

In this meeting the Regent of Serdang Bedagai, Ir. H. Soekirman informed that this issue is a part of commitment from the Regency Government of Serdang Bedagai. “The main point is that the law coverage of that presidential Regulation has been opened. There are tasks from the Regency. The arrival of our friends can be defined as assistance to actualize those tasks because our vision and mission should be similar with other region. The main requirement is that there should be a body. Therefore, all that’s left for the task force are observing, imitating and modifying. I believe it’s obvious, it’s just the matter of implementing it,” He affirmed. (BW)

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