May Day 2019: KPA Calls for the Consolidation and Unity of People’s Movements

Benni Wijaya

Jakarta ( – Elements of social movements such as the labors, peasants, fisher-folk, indigenous peoples, women, urban poor, university students and youth movements must strengthen the peoples’ consolidation. This is an absolute prerequisite to fight against the political oligarchs whom has taken roots and corrupted the political system in Indonesia.  

This is conveyed by KPA Secretary General in her speech on the 2019 May Day Commemoration, Wednesday, May 1st 2019 in Jakarta.

KPA along with tens of elements from various organizations such as KPBI, KASBI, KSN, SGBN, Perempuan Mahardika organized a Long March from Duku Atas region toward The State Palace.

This commemoration was attended by around 30.000 people was utilized alternately to convey the demands especially on the issues of workforce exploitation, the massiveness of land grabbing activities, racial and religious politics also the criminalization of activists within the people’s movements.

It is acknowledged by the masses that so far Reformation Era hasn’t able to provide significant changes in the improvements of the people’s well-beings. Political policies are still decided by the small numbers of elites causing the ignoring & abandoning of the people’s problems.

A short while ago, Indonesia has just finished its fiesta of democracy which occurred every five years by electing the executive leaders and legislative representatives. Unfortunately, that contest of democracy has failed in fulfilling the expectations & hopes of the people. Worse, it separated the people of Indonesia by its religious & racial sentiments.

“We have witnessed the 2019 general election that has not give promises & concrete proofs in regards to the defense of labors’, fisher-folk and urban poor rights that has been persecuted all this time,” stated Dewi.

“Therefore, we must unite and fight together! Labor Day is also the day to fight against the sufferings of not only Labors, but also the Peasants,” she continued.

Dewi also affirmed the importance of consolidation among the labor movements, peasant movements and other elements of the people’s movements.

Land procuring for infrastructure building and oligarch politics currently has force evicted and robbed the people’s lands in the rural areas. Masses of peasants have been evicted from their farms & plantations forcing them to be farm hands and plantation workers; even worse, they must migrate to the cities to become cheap labors in factories. This situation must unite the movements of peasants and agrarian reform to fight against the oligarchs’ politics that are currently corroded the rights of the people and the constitutional rights of Indonesian Citizens,” Urged Dewi.

Dewi also voiced the significance of the mass movements’ trusts in their own strength and must keep consolidating an even broader movement.

“Today, we’ve united with the labor movements not simply for solidarity, but also to take to the streets together in demanding the justice for the rights of labors in Indonesia.” ended Dewi. (BW)

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