Kampong Secanggang and Agrarian Reform Advanced Village within the Indigenous Peoples Territories

Fachrizal Sinaga

Langkat (kpa.or.id) –Penunggu People’s Resistance Board of Indonesia (Badan Perjuangan Rakyat Penunggu Indonesia/BPRPI) of Kampong Secanggang (Secanggang Village) has taken another step toward becoming an Agrarian Reform Advanced Village (Desa Maju Reforma Agraria/DAMARA). This is symbolized by the Grand Meeting organized along with Consortium for Agrarian Reform (Konsorsium Pembaruan Agraria/KPA) on Saturday, April 20th 2019 within four indigenous areas under BPRPI in Secanggang Sub-district, Langkat Regency of North Sumatera Province.

Located right in the front of Traditional Indigenous House of Kampong Secanggang, this Grand Meeting was attended by hundreds of the enthusiast and spirited organizations members along with BPRPI Representatives from other Kampong in Langkat, Deli Serdang & even the City of Medan, also the village chiefs and Secanggang sub-district Government’s representatives.

This Grand Meeting is the initial step towards an advanced and independent village based on agrarian reform within indigenous territories initiated by KPA along with BPRPI. Other than the Grand Meeting, several activities were organized for the entire week which is also directed to the formulating of the next plans and strategies of Damara implementation, also the capacity development trainings (production restructuring) for the members of organization.

This Kampong Damara of Secanggang is a model of agrarian reform by leverage (based on the people’s initiative). It is expected to be a prime example in indigenous territory with the supports of all parties involved. This issue was revealed by the Secretary General of KPA, Dewi Kartika in her speech.

Secanggang Village Chief, Fatul said that the Musrembang of Secanggang and Telaga Jernih Viilages should have discussed the concept of Damara and included it within the village development work plan.

While Alfi Syahrin, Leader of BPRPI conveyed that this Grand Meeting felt special because it was held shortly after the 66th anniversary of BPRPI.

In that period, BPRPI consistently fights for agrarian reform especially in regards of indigenous peoples rights and their territories which are still in conflict with PTPN II since 1979 while those State Company came to rob the agricultural and residential lands belonging to the people.

It is also for that long, BPRPI is still consistent in agrarian struggle especially for the indigenous people’s rights and territories of the Penunggu People”, He said.

He also hopes that the Damara in Kampong Secanggang can be an example for other member villages of BPRPI and other regions in North Sumatera.

Currently, 300 households of Secanggang villagers has successfully reclaimed the 300 Ha lands that they’ve been struggling for all this years. The people cultivated those lands with various fruits and horticultures such as citrus, melon, chili peppers and other horticulture plants.

In the future, Kampong Secanggang is expected to be the sample of Damara implementation in other indigenous people’s territories. (FS)

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