Victory of Lee Peasants, Glad Tidings in The Fight for Agrarian Reform


Morowali Utara ( –Legal Council of the State Administrative Court (Pengadilan Tata Usaha Negara/PTUN) of Palu, Central Sulawesi ruled in favor of lawsuit request from the villagers of Lee, Gontara and Kasingoli toward the Right to Cultivate Permit (Hak Guna Usaha/HGU) belonged to PT. Sinergi Perkebunan Nusantara (SPN), subsidiary of PTPN XIV, Monday, June 24th 2019.

This ruling was greeted with emotion by the entire villagers attending in court. They’re unable to hold back their tears of joy; one of them is the Chief of Lee Village, Almida Batulapa who alongside with his people has been involved with this struggle.

“I am very grateful and thankful toward Almighty GOD and everyone else who supports our struggle,” said Almida Batulapa.

He assessed that the PTUN judge’s ruling was spot on due to the issuing process of the company’s HGU since the beginning has not involved and socialized with the people.

In their ruling, The Legal Council granted the villager’s request toward PT SPN on the villager’s lands of 1895 Hectares (Ha) which are controlled by PT SPN through the issuing of the Right to Cultivate (HGU) Permit by the North Morowali Office of Land Affairs on those three villages.

Second, to declare the cancellation of the decree issued by Head of North Morowali Office of Land Affairs, which are the HGU certificate No. 00026 on June 12th 2009 and Letter of Measure (Surat Ukur) No. 00035/North Morowali/2016 on June 28th 2016 located in Lee, Kasingoli and Gontara Villages with the total areal of lands measuring to 1895 Ha on behalf of PT SPN.

Third, Oblige the Head of North Morowali Land Office to revoke the company’s HGU issued since 2009 and fourth to punish the convicted by paying the court fee as much as Rp. 1.073.500,-

Responding to that statement Coordinator of Central Sulawesi KPA, Noval Apek Saputra reminded the peasants to not be fully satisfied with this minor victory.

This verdict not only part of small victory obtained by the peasants though legal means and don’t be complacent by the result of this PTUN Palu court verdict. Because this is also due to the vices of state administrative issues which forced the people to go against the State,” he continues.

He added, the victory above must be a new strength for the peasants in organizing themselves and strengthening their Alesintowe Peasants Union, as a vessel for the struggle of Lee Peasants. 

On separate occasion, Secretary General of KPA, Dewi Kartika requested the Ministry of ATR/BPN to follow up on that court verdict and there must be no reason to postpone the conflict resolution through the framework of agrarian reform.

The people has been struggling as hard as possible, let us wait for the breakthrough from the government’s side,” added Dewi.

The conflict area which was won by the villager is one of the hundreds of Agrarian Reform Priority Locations (LPRA) that has been proposed to the government since 2017. (Adm)


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