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KPA, AMAN, KontraS, WALHI, SP, KIARA, SPI, API, PUSAKA, SW, Bindes, SAINS, IHCS, YLBHI and JKPP cooperating with RRI and NES

Criteria, Application Mechanism and Emergency Funding Report to Land Rights Defenders

A. Background

Within the 2014-2017 period, in the center of agrarian conflict and people’s struggle for land and resources rights, it was recorded that there are 1.080 individuals has fallen victim to the criminalization done by the authorities mainly law enforcements. These victims are arrested, convicted and sentenced unfairly.

Quick, effective and systematic responses are required from social movements to handle and campaigned these criminalization cases widely to the public. Therefore, Agrarian Reform National Committee (Komite Nasional Pembaruan Agraria/KNPA) and its networks consisting of KPA, AMAN, KontraS, WALHI, SP, KIARA, SPI, API, PUSAKA, SW, Bindes, SAINS, IHCS, YLBHI & JKPP cooperating with Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI) and National Engagement Strategies (NES) will make sure that the emergency funding could be widely accessed by the victims of violence & criminalization in the struggle for land & resources rights.

Criminalization and violence cases are defined as cases occurred within all agrarian sectors (plantations, forests, mines, coastal-marine, infrastructure and urban), which are experienced by peasants, indigenous people, fishermen, urban underprivileged and agrarian activists, whether as individual or group.

B. Emergency Funding Management for the Victims of Criminalization and Violence to Land Rights Defenders

1. Requirements & Criteria for the request application of emergency funding

The fulfillment of requirements are limited on:

Organizations, communities or individuals/land & human rights defenders, referring to Human Rights Defenders Declaration (Deklarasi Pejuang HAM) number A/RES/53/144, 1999. They are those that fights and defends the land & resources rights of people.

Allocated funds amount and categories/criteria of activities funded:

The maximum funds that can be accessed by the applicant are IDR 25,000,000 insofar as they are used for the activity categories as follows:

• Temporary location transfer;

• Costs of legal aid services in emergency situations (when calling as witnesses, suspects or during forced pickups - including assistance during BAP - until before the case enters trial);

• Costs of field investigations by the KNPA team and / or its network in order to provide rapid response and emergency response to cases of criminalization / violence;

• Aid funds (lump sum) for the families of victims, which are related to cases that have resulted in the death of fighters for land rights;

• Emergency health care for victims of land rights struggles;

• For the needs of goods such as tents, cooking utensils, and other equipment needed by victims when in the shelter / evacuation period or in other emergency conditions, they can submit applications by filling in the fields already available in the submission format with a loan or grant mechanism (according to agreement between teams emergency fund with the applicant institution)

These funds cannot be used for: 1) Office fees or the nature of reimbursement of past criminalization / violence cases; 2) Human rights / legal empowerment programs (e.g. training etc.); 3) Allocation of other activities that do not meet the principle of emergency; and 4) Routine Meetings Costs.

2. Application Mechanism for Emergency Funding Request

Requests processes are done through one member of National Committee of Agrarian Reform (KNPA) and its relevant members will forward the requests to reference group. Applicant institution must create the request according to the format, consisting of brief information (no more than 1000 words) that explains the emergency situation effectively regarding:

  • Criminalization or violence occurred, background and emergency situation taking place which require quick-response from KNPA;
  • Who are the Land Rights Defenders (victims of criminalization/violence) whom required emergency fund and how are they related to the land rights issue itself;
  • The violation of Human Rights occurred or the possibility of continuing violations which will happen if not quickly responded – if relevant;
  • How emergency funds will assist the victims and support the struggle for land rights.

3. Reporting mechanism for using the emergency funds

• Applicants fill out the reporting format provided by the KNPA emergency fund team

• Reports are accompanied by a summary of the situation at the site after the emergency fund has been used

• Reports are accompanied by documentation in the form of photos, videos and proof of financial transactions using emergency funds.

• If there are any problems related to transparency, distribution or the mechanism of using emergency funds in the field by one of the parties in this case the applicant's organization/alliance incorporated in the alliance to the victim, please immediately reports in writing to the guarantee organization or decision-making team (reference group) KNPA emergency funds for verification purposes.

How to apply for emergency fund requests 

In order to fulfill the requests transparency and administration requirements, then one of the members and/or KNPA networks (the applicant) will submit the requests to access emergency funds in accordance with the application format. Request application must be sent through email to danadaruratknpa@gmail.com, and the requests could also be sent to Mr. Benni Wijaya through bennidwijaya89@gmail.com or +6285363066036.

Submission Form  Report Form

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