Profile of Consortium for Agrarian Reform

Consortium for Agrarian Reform (Konsorsium Pembaruan Agraria) or KPA is the people’s movement organization in the form of Consortium whose main objective is to fight for the actualizing of a fair agrarian system and guarantee the equality for the allocation of agrarian sources to the Indonesian people, ownership assurance, possessing and cultivating agrarian sources to the peasants, fishermen and indigenous people; also the warranty for the prosperity of the underprivileged.


Started on September 24th 1994 in Jakarta and licensed on December 10th 1995 in the 1st National Assembly Bandung for an unlimited amount of time. KPA now resided all over Indonesia with an organization structure consisting of National Conference, National Council, Secretary General, Regional KPA (at the provincial level), KPA Members, and Expert Assembly


Members of KPA are people’s organization (Unions of Peasants, Fishermen/women and Indigenous Peoples) and Non-Governmental Organizations whom tendencies & objectives are similar to KPA. Based on the results of the 7th National Assembly from November 7th-10th 2016 in Makassar, South Sulawesi, currently, the member organizations within the KPA are 153 (one hundred and fifty three) organizations consisting of 85 people’s organizations and 68 NGOs.   


Based on the authority of the people, KPA works with the values of human rights, environmental conservation, wisdom from the values of culture, democracy, social justice equality, non-sectarian, non-partisan, peace, anti-violence, anti-racial, tribal & religious discrimination and solidarity.  


Throughout those values, KPA functions as the enablers, empowerments, supporters and actors of struggle of Agrarian Reform based on the people initiative. Also as an organization who sets in motion the birth of various agrarian policies and systems encompassing on the people and also fights several anti-agrarian reform policies.


As for the activities of KPA involves:

(1) The struggling for the fulfillment of people’s rights especially peasants, fishermen, indigenous people and the underprivileged;

(2) Advocacy in the form of transforming the public awareness through the spreading of information, shaping of public opinion, unilateral collective defense and revising of policies, also developing strategies that are focused on the fulfillment of people’s rights;

(3) Organizing alternative education;

(4) Information, study and publication networks development both internally and externally;

(5) The developing of joint activities, programs and institutions that dedicated itself on achieving the objectives of Agrarian Reform movement; and

(6) Actively involved in the struggle to raise national solidarity and international front/alliance for Genuine Agrarian Reform.


National Secretariat KPA:

Jl. Pancoran Indah I Blok E3 No.1
Komplek Liga Mas Indah, Pancoran
Jakarta Selatan 12760, Indonesia
Telp: +62 21 7984540 Fax: +62 21 7993934