XXII Edition: LPRA As The Solution of TORA's Deadlock

Departemen Kampanye dan Manajemen Pengetahuan KPA

The government's Agrarian Reform Program (AR) through the Agrarian Reform Land Objects (Tanah Objek Reforma Agraria/TORA) hasn't yet displayed its success and implementation. Even though we've entered the 3rd year of Nawacita regime. Various problem issues to be obstacles. Observing from the situation that doesn't improve, KPA offered a solution as an approach that are bottown-up initiative in implementing agrarian reform. A solution called Lokasi Prioritas Reforma Agraria (Agrarian Reform Priority Locations/LPRA). In this edition, the editorial staff will discuss and analyze this issue. As a shared learning in the context of agrarian reform struggle on the people's inititatives. Happy Reading!


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